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Where Lyft Gained on Uber—and Where It Didn’t

By Amir Efrati and Mike Sullivan

Lyft’s share of the ride-hailing market has hit record levels in nearly 30 major U.S. cities in the ...

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Netflix Carries Outsize Debt to Fund Original Content

By Martin Peers · 5 comments

Netflix is carrying twice as much debt, relative to its reported profits, as other major media companies, ...

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Soon Free to Sell, Few Snap Employees Have Stock Profits

By Alfred Lee and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Many early Snap shareholders were freed to sell stock starting Monday, but judging by the fact that the ...

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More VCs Investing in Insurance Startups as Lending Fades

By Serena Saitto and Mike Sullivan · 3 comments

As the rush of venture capital money into online lending dissipates, VCs have turned their attention to ...

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Volatile Cryptocurrencies Hit ICO Market

By Jon Victor and Mike Sullivan · 5 comments

A telltale sign of the risks involved in investing in the latest breed of initial coin offerings: The ...

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What Apple’s HomePod Is Up Against

By Mike Sullivan and Eugene Kim · 16 comments

Google has so far failed to make a dent in Amazon’s stranglehold on the voice-activated home speaker ...

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Uber Hiring Outpaces Some Tech Leaders

By Cory Weinberg and Mike Sullivan · 2 comments

Over the past year, Uber has added as many or more employees as established heavyweights Apple, Tesla and ...

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Mutual Funds Double Down on Snap—Will They Hold On?

By Alfred Lee and Mike Sullivan

Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price more than doubled their stakes in Snap in the month after the ...

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In China, Tencent’s WeChat Threatens Alibaba’s Alipay

By Juro Osawa and Mike Sullivan · 2 comments

Move over Alipay. Here comes WeChat.

In China’s massive mobile payment market, WeChat operator ...

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Competitors Like to Poach Microsoft’s AI Talent

By Reed Albergotti and Mike Sullivan

Every company in the tech industry is searching for talented employees with artificial intelligence ...

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Amazon Wants Alexa to Play More Games

By Kevin McLaughlin and Mike Sullivan · 5 comments CEO Jeff Bezos has decided that games are the killer app for Alexa.

Mr. Bezos has told the team ...

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Uber’s Unfilled Board Seats

By Alfred Lee and Jessica E. Lessin · 1 comment

As Uber CEO Travis Kalanick looks for leadership help, one place he could turn is his board.

Uber has one ...

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Snap’s Spending Spree

By Tom Dotan and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Snap may not be the most prolific buyer of startups, but it’s lapping the field when it comes to ...

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