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In China, Tencent’s WeChat Threatens Alibaba’s Alipay

By Juro Osawa and Mike Sullivan · 2 comments

Move over Alipay. Here comes WeChat.

In China’s massive mobile payment market, WeChat operator ...

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Competitors Like to Poach Microsoft’s AI Talent

By Reed Albergotti and Mike Sullivan

Every company in the tech industry is searching for talented employees with artificial intelligence ...

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Amazon Wants Alexa to Play More Games

By Kevin McLaughlin and Mike Sullivan · 5 comments CEO Jeff Bezos has decided that games are the killer app for Alexa.

Mr. Bezos has told the team ...

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Uber’s Unfilled Board Seats

By Alfred Lee and Jessica E. Lessin · 1 comment

As Uber CEO Travis Kalanick looks for leadership help, one place he could turn is his board.

Uber has one ...

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Snap’s Spending Spree

By Tom Dotan and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Snap may not be the most prolific buyer of startups, but it’s lapping the field when it comes to ...

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Growth Cools Off for Blue Apron, HelloFresh

By Cory Weinberg and Mike Sullivan · 11 comments

The novelty of ordering a “meal kit,” to make dinner at home, appears to be wearing thin.

Blue ...

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Tech IPOs’ First Year Can Be Tough

By Mike Sullivan and Alfred Lee · 1 comment

When Snap goes public in the next few weeks, it will hope to buck a troubling recent trend for ...

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Uber Versus the World: Cash Edition

By Amir Efrati and Mike Sullivan · 6 comments

Uber has set records for fundraising in the private tech markets, but the rest of the world has more than ...

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Google’s Relentless AI Appetite

By Kevin McLaughlin and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Alphabet is seen as the tech industry’s top destination for artificial intelligence engineers and ...

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The Most (and Least) Affordable Tech Cities

By Cory Weinberg and Peter Schulz · 4 comments

Seattle was one of the most affordable places for a tech worker to live in 2015, measured by housing costs ...

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Why Tech Stocks Missed Out on the ‘Bounce’

By Cory Weinberg and Peter Schulz

In Wednesday's meeting with tech leaders, President-Elect Donald Trump bragged that his election had ...

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Apple Grabs Wearables Lead with Holiday Sales

By Cory Weinberg and Peter Schulz · 2 comments

For all the skepticism about the Apple Watch’s prospects, the new version appears to be selling ...

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