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Modest Proposals

Stable Coins, Oracles, Trust, and Identity

By Sam Lessin · 4 comments

One of the biggest structural challenges for digital platforms, ranging from blockchains to social ...

Modest Proposals

Open vs. Closed in National Tech Strategies: the U.S. and China

By Sam Lessin · 11 comments

In the last several months, the Chinese government has moved swiftly to manage and shape self-driving ...

Modest Proposals

The Future of Hybrid Centralized-Decentralized Apps

By Sam Lessin · 11 comments

Early last week, it was reported that the messaging app Telegram is working on raising capital for an ...

Modest Proposals

Blockchains and the Right to Be Forgotten

By Sam Lessin · 6 comments

In the internet of 2017, when something goes terribly wrong, the service provider hosting the content or ...

Modest Proposals

14 Ways the Cryptocurrency Market Will Change in 2018

By Sam Lessin · 5 comments

The energy around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology stands out as a rare positive growth story ...

Modest Proposals

The Future of Work

By Sam Lessin · 12 comments

We are entering a period where machine learning is going to dramatically change the nature of work across ...

Modest Proposals

The Future of Free Speech

By Sam Lessin · 1 comment

In the past several years technology has made speech dramatically more powerful and free than was ...

Modest Proposals

The Future of Truth

By Sam Lessin · 10 comments

For the last century we have had the luxury of being able to rely on photos, video and audio for a ...

Modest Proposals

Seven Key Questions in the Cryptocurrency World

By Sam Lessin · 18 comments

If you look at the list of the 10 largest online crowdfunding campaigns in history, eight of them raised ...

Modest Proposals

A Game Plan for VR and AR in 2017

By Sam Lessin · 14 comments

The VR and AR push of the last several years is at a crossroads. The PR wave that had helped create ...

Modest Proposals

Time to Pay Attention to Cryptocurrencies

By Sam Lessin · 11 comments

In the last few weeks there have been massive runups in several cryptocurrencies. The market ...

Modest Proposals

The Wrinkle In Forecasting Autonomous Cars

By Sam Lessin · 12 comments

Onstage at TED last week, Elon Musk made the very bold proclamation that in about two years, Tesla owners ...

Modest Proposals

The Bay Area Should Levy a 5% Equity Tax on Startups

By Sam Lessin · 27 comments

There are a lot of new tax ideas circulating in conversations. With aging infrastructure, growing ...

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