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Uber’s Asian Rival Grab Speeds Up Expansion

By Juro Osawa and Shai Oster

While Uber struggles to cope with its management crisis, one of its biggest Asian competitors is embarking ...

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Verizon-backed Jana Rides India’s Mobile Web Boom and Bust

By Cory Weinberg

One small beneficiary of the investment rush into Indian internet companies two years ago was Jana, a ...

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How Gett-Juno Deal Could Shake Up NY’s Ride-Hailing Market

By Amir Efrati · 2 comments

Europe-focused ride-hailing firm Gett strengthened a foothold in the U.S. with last week’s $200 ...

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China’s Kai-fu Lee on Why the U.S. Could Fall Behind in AI

By Shai Oster · 5 comments

One of the best-known Chinese tech investors, Kai-fu Lee, predicts that AI-driven advances like ...

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Can Twitter’s Lonely Bright Spot Keep Shining?

By Cory Weinberg · 3 comments

It says something that one of the few bright spots at Twitter is a business that sells ads in non-Twitter ...

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Stitch Fix Wants to Go for Retail’s Jugular

By Cory Weinberg · 3 comments

Katrina Lake, CEO of online retailer Stitch Fix, for years has expected a reckoning in retail—and ...

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Grail is Silicon Valley’s New Biotech Test Case

By Fred Vogelstein · 3 comments

Until about a year ago, few outside of Silicon Valley had heard of Jeff Huber. Insiders knew him as the ...

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Sling and the Coming Brawl for Streaming TV

By Tom Dotan · 8 comments

Right now you could roughly divide the companies trying to stream shrunken bundles of TV channels over the ...

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Amazon Lures Hollywood with Channels

By Tom Dotan

As Netflix was trumpeting its better than expected earnings on Monday afternoon, an analyst chimed into ...

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Joe Tsai: Alibaba Finding Its Groove

By Jessica E. Lessin · 6 comments

Alibaba has been on a roller coaster since going public two years ago. U.S. investors haven’t quite ...

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How CNN is Fending off Digital Rivals

By Tom Dotan · 1 comment

Public spats between TV networks are a time-honored tradition in cable news. But in recent months CNN ...

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The Only Guy Making Money Off Free Software

By Steve Nellis

There are now scores of venture-backed startups pushing open-source software. Some, like Cloudera, MongoDB ...

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Why General Electric Won Talent From Apple

By Steve Nellis · 5 comments

General Electric made a splash in the tech world when it poached two top engineers working on voice ...

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