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The Takeaway

Why We Should Ignore Tech IPOs

By Jessica E. Lessin · 6 comments

Another January, another wave of predictions that this will be the year the tech IPO floodgates open.


The Takeaway

The Simple Thing People Miss About Cryptocurrencies

By Jessica E. Lessin · 14 comments

I was recently chatting with a San Francisco wealth manager about bitcoin. He was eager to invest more of ...

The Takeaway

The Private Tech Board Crisis and What to Do About It

By Jessica E. Lessin · 4 comments

Two years ago, blood testing startup Theranos began its collapse after journalist John Carreyrou revealed ...

The Takeaway

The Case Against Video

By Jessica E. Lessin · 7 comments

Any way you slice it, a golden age of video is upon us. Faster mobile networks, lower production costs and ...

The Takeaway

Why the Tech Industry Is No Better Than Hollywood

By Jessica E. Lessin · 4 comments

When Amazon suspended its movie and film chief on Thursday after a producer accused him of sexual ...

The Takeaway

Silicon Valley, Ignore China at Your Peril

By Jessica E. Lessin · 2 comments

What a difference a year makes. When I was last in China, everyone was buzzing about VR/AR and Didi vs. ...

The Takeaway

For Tech Firms, Winter Is Here

By Jessica E. Lessin

In and around Silicon Valley these days, I am often asked the same question: Do tech companies realize the ...

The Takeaway

Talking Snap, Facebook and Disney With NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke

By Jessica E. Lessin · 4 comments

It’s a Thursday afternoon and NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke is in the mood to talk media. From his ...

The Takeaway

Uber’s CEO Conundrum

By Jessica E. Lessin · 5 comments

Uber is getting closer to naming a CEO after a process that has been full of leaks, fiery internal ...

The Takeaway

The Problem With Former Googler’s Anti-Diversity Memo

By Jessica E. Lessin · 19 comments

I have many thoughts about Benchmark’s surprise lawsuit against former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and ...

The Takeaway

Announcing The Information Accelerator

By Jessica E. Lessin · 7 comments

The fight to save quality journalism isn’t complicated. It’s just hard.

In less than four ...

The Takeaway

News Industry Can’t Put Genie Back in Bottle

By Jessica E. Lessin · 3 comments

This week Facebook confirmed it will begin testing new ways for news publishers to sell digital ...

The Takeaway

One More Lesson From the Downfall of Kalanick

By Jessica E. Lessin · 8 comments

One of the lessons some in the media have been quick to draw from the downfall of Travis Kalanick is the ...

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