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*LinkedIn's last trading day was Dec. 7, 2016; **As of end of day Jan. 30, 2017; Source: Yahoo Finance
Data Point

Tech IPOs’ First Year Can Be Tough

By and
Alfred Lee
 |  Jan. 31, 2017 10:58 AM PST
Photo: *LinkedIn's last trading day was Dec. 7, 2016; **As of end of day Jan. 30, 2017; Source: Yahoo Finance

When Snap goes public in the next few weeks, it will hope to buck a troubling recent trend for ad-supported tech companies. Several, including social media and messaging rivals Facebook, Twitter and Weibo, had disappointing IPOs. After a first-day pop, their stocks traded down by the end of their first year of public trading.

But the thing to remember is that how a company’s stock performs in its first year often doesn’t say much about how it will do long-term. That’s clear from the group of charts we’ve assembled above, which show the performance of various tech IPOs of recent years.

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