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China Startup Report
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The China Startup Report offers a snapshot of the best-funded private companies in China—with exclusive data verified by our reporters. See what Chinese and foreign investors are betting on now.

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China Coverage
article image

WeChat Deal With Starbucks Points to Cultural Shift at Tencent

By Juro Osawa · 1 comment

Earlier this year, Tencent’s WeChat messenger started letting users in China send one another ...

article image

SoftBank’s $93 Billion Vision Problem

By Shai Oster · 2 comments

Nearly two decades ago, SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son stunned his peers when he made a $20 million bet on ...

article image

Airbnb’s China Challenge: Difficult Guests

By Juro Osawa · 2 comments

Some Airbnb hosts in Shanghai were recently grousing about a shocking customer request on a competing ...

article image

How a Pizza Deliveryman Became China’s Greatest Angel Investor

By Shai Oster · 4 comments

Beijing, China—Mr. Soup, a goateed 31-year-old entrepreneur from Shanghai, launches his PowerPoint ...

article image

Behind the Decline at China’s Tech Giant Baidu

By Juro Osawa and Yunan Zhang · 2 comments

When Google pulled its search engine out of China seven years ago, it handed a near monopoly to Baidu, the ...

article image

NetEase Offers Google a Way Back to China

By Juro Osawa, Shai Oster, and Amir Efrati · 1 comment

Ever since Google left mainland China nearly seven years ago, it’s been looking for a way back in. ...

article image

The New Wave of Chinese Investors in Silicon Valley

By Yunan Zhang · 4 comments

Guo Wei, 29, arrives for a meeting at a Union Square coffee shop in San Francisco dressed in an unassuming ...

article image

The Most Powerful American at Tencent Targets Silicon Valley

By Yunan Zhang · 1 comment

Behind the doors of a converted church in Palo Alto lies the unlikely lair of one of the most influential ...

article image

LeEco, ‘Netflix of China,’ Comes to America with Big Promises

By Amir Efrati and Yunan Zhang · 5 comments

If you know someone working in Silicon Valley in anything from software engineering to microchips to ...

article image

Uber Admits Defeat in China, Can Fight Harder Elsewhere

By Amir Efrati and Yunan Zhang · 6 comments

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got second place.

The transportation giant is to sell its operations in China to ...