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Alex Doll

Founder and Managing Member, Ten Eleven Ventures

Alex is the Founder of Ten Eleven Ventures: the industry’s first venture capital fund that is focused solely on investing in digital security. Focused 100% on security, the firm invests globally and benefits from its full investment spectrum view of digital security, from seed to growth (via its Joint Investment Alliance with KKR Technology Group.) Since their founding in 2015, Ten Eleven Ventures has invested in twelve companies. Alex was previously the co-founder of PGP Corporation.

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Alex Forshaw

Alex has been a public market investor in technology companies (mainly internet) for the past nine years. Most recently he co-founded a Hong Kong-based hedge fund, CloudAlpha Capital Management, and helped grow the business from $50m to $120m of assets under management.

Alex Kruglov


Co-founder and CEO of, a many-to-many video app. Before that 3x entrepreneur, head of content acquisition at Hulu. Long time ago a McKinsey consultant. Brown and HBS alumnus. Live in Los Angeles, born in the USSR. Father to three girls: Esme, Maia, and Zadie.

Alex Lockwood

CTO, Rumbleship Financial

Alex graduated with a degree in mathematics and economics from Boston College in 2005. He opted to explore the financial markets instead of getting a higher degree, spending the better part of three years as an equity option market maker. The draw to create and solve problems with technology led to a self taught entry into software development. Alex is now co-founder and CTO of the B2B payments company Rumbleship Financial.

Alex Mather

Founder, The Athletic

Alex is the founder of The Athletic. Previously, he was a VP of product design and product management at Strava.

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Alex Nigg

Founder, Properly

Alex is the founder of Properly, a visual checklist tool and marketplace for services for the vacation rental industry. Alex is also a superhost on Airbnb, and a host educator and speaker in the vacation rental industry. Alex was previously a venture capitalist and management consultant. He's interested in the sharing economy and the internet of things. He loves to travel, but spends way too much time on planes.

Alex Roy

Alex is an Angel investor. He writes a column about the future of transportation for Time, Inc's automotive section, The Drive. Alex is one of the founders and hosts of Autonocast, a podcast about autonomy and mobility, and co-host of DRIVE on NBC Sports. Alex has more real-world seat time comparing ADAS than anyone he's ever met, and he's utterly committed to the future of autonomy. Alex also set the Cannonball Run records in the internal combustion, electric vehicle, semi-autonomous and 3-wheeler categories.

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Alex Zelenskiy

Alex has written code for money in various locations for numerous companies. Many have described these companies with terms like Facebook and Clover Health, or Brighttag. Alex's work has been called Javascript by respected industry figures. Alex likes to pay for news.

Alfred Lin

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Alfred is a partner at Sequoia Capital, where he focuses on consumer investments and represents the firm on the boards of Airbnb, DoorDash, Humble Bundle, Houzz, Stella & Dot, and Zipline. Prior to Sequoia, Alfred was COO and CFO of Zappos, VP of finance and business development at Tellme Networks, and VP of finance at LinkExchange. Alfred also co-founded Venture Frogs, a seed fund that invested among other companies, AskJeeves, OpenTable, Tellme, and Zappos.

Ali Rahimtula

Partner, Cue Ball Capital

Ali is a partner at the venture capital firm Cue Ball, where he oversees new investments. Previously, Ali worked at Goldman Sachs. He has an MBA from Harvard.

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Ali Winkle

President and Co-founder, Just Drive Media

Ali is co-founder of Just Drive Media, an independent marketing and communications firm. Ali leads their geographically dispersed PR and social media teams. In this role Ali works closely with Just Drive Media's clients to develop innovative PR and social media strategies to keep them top of mind with current and prospective customers. Ali's job is to help position clients in the best possible light among the people they're trying to reach.

Allen Wu

Analyst, Altman Vilandrie & Co.

Allen has a strong interest in telecom and infrastructure software and solutions. He currently works at Altman Vilandrie & Co. and focuses on facilitating the strategic and financial acquisition of technology companies. Previously, Allen has acquired a variety of experience in start-up and finance industry. Allen graduated from Stanford University.

Allison Braley

Head of Marketing, Canvas

Allison is a marketing and communications leader with more than 15 years of experience. She is the head of marketing for Canvas (, a subscription alternative to car ownership, which is owned by Ford Motor Credit Company. She previously led marketing for The Information, and prior to that, she was VP of Marketing for Zoosk. Her background in communications included work for ZocDoc, The OutCast Agency and Condé Nast, and clients have included Amazon, Intuit and Facebook. She was named one of PR News' Top Women in PR in 2016. She is based in San Francisco.

Allison Wagda

VP, Strategy and Marketing, Versal

Allison has 18 years of experience in tech. She's most interested in how tech is changing the way we work and play, both the good and the bad. Allison is especially interested in eLearning and internet privacy and freedom. She currently runs marketing and corporate strategy at Versal, where they're working to vastly improve the way people learn online at work and in school. She's previously worked for companies including BitTorrent, Check Point, Zone Labs and, in an era long long ago, Excite@Home.

Aman Kumar

Office of the CEO, SAP

Aman is a member of the IMPACT leadership program in the office of the CEO at SAP, where he focuses on consumerization, simplification, and business agility. Aman recently co-launched e-Residency in Estonia and previously ran consumer strategy and application partnerships for MobileIron before its IPO. He has been a product manager on iPhone team at Apple and a product manager in natural language processing at Google. Aman is a proud board member of the American Institute for Stuttering, a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and a special advisor to the CIO of the Republic of Estonia.