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Morning Brew co-founder Alex Lieberman is launching a course for creators. Photo: Morning Brew
Lachi, an artist and social media influencer who is legally blind. Photo courtesy of subject.
Dom Esposito. Photo courtesy of the subject. Art by Shane Burke
Abe Santos leads Underscore Talent’s new outdoor lifestyle division. Photo: Underscore Talent
Photo: Bloomberg
Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer. Photo: Bloomberg
Chart: Shane Burke
Kaya Yurieff, Melinda Chung, Stephanie Smith, Katelin Holloway. Photo: Erin Beach
Agnes Chu, President of Condé Nast Entertainment. Photo by Erin Beach.
Brendan Gahan, partner and chief social officer at creative agency Mekanism. Photo: Courtesy of subject
Roblox CEO David Baszuki. Photo: Bloomberg. Art: Shane Burke
Ben Mathews, Night Ventures. Photo: Ben Mathews. Art: Mike Sullivan
Art: Mike Sullivan
Graphic: Shane Burke
OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan. Photo: OnlyFans
Graphic: Mike Sullivan
Robert Kyncl, Credit: Bloomberg
Snap Dual camera, Credit: Snap, Art: Mike Sullivan
Chart: Shane Burke