Top Tech Companies to Hire From

In The Information’s latest monthly survey, we sought readers’ take on recruiting in the tech industry’s hot job market. Specifically, we wanted to know which companies produce the candidates with the strongest technical and product backgrounds. The results show that Google reigns supreme as a developer of talent. Runners-up were Facebook and Amazon, with tech heavyweights Apple and Microsoft trailing slightly behind. Readers also could write in their favorites, and they most often cited LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix and Stripe as top talent generators.

Company % of Votes Headquarters Remarks
Google30%Mountain View, Calif. No surprise given its tenure and size in the Valley. Google has long been a tech breeding ground.
Facebook17%Menlo Park, Caif.With more than 30,000 employees, Facebook has a lot of high-value talent to poach.
Amazon16%SeattleAmazon's strong place on the list may reflect the growing operational and distribution needs of tech companies.
Apple11%Cupertino, CalifApple is known as a place to find top hardware, software and operations talent.
Other9.9%A number of companies received multiple write-in votes, including LinkedIn; Netflix; Uber; and Stripe.
Microsoft9%Redmond, Wash.Microsoft is known for top talent across the board, from software to its research division.
Twitter3.3%San FranciscoThere has been a fair amount of poaching and turnover in its senior ranks in recent years.
Salesforce2.6%San FranciscoSalesforce's culture is known for being more focused on products and marketing than engineering.
Oracle1.7%Redwood City, Calif.Oracle is still an attractive destination for engineers, but its sales team has seen significant turnover in transition to cloud.
Snap0.4%Los AngelesA younger company headquartered in Los Angeles, Snap is relatively low in the poaching pecking order.
Note: Percentages do not add up to 100 due to rounding
Source: The Information