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Below is a collection of our content on the topic of COVID-19.
Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in the U.K. sit behind partition screens in a break room in October. Photo by Bloomberg

HP Inc. Shares Jump 9% as PC, Printer Sales Surge

Nov. 24, 2020 · 3:16 PM PST
The sales increase reflects how the shift to working and learning from home is affecting consumers' purchasing decisions.
Art by Jesse Howe
Brex co-CEO Henrique Dubugras, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston and Splunk CEO Doug Merritt. Photos: Bloomberg

Microsoft to Offer Free 24-Hour Video Calls

Nov. 20, 2020 · 12:11 PM PST
The move is the latest example of how Microsoft is positioning Teams as an alternative to Zoom's video conferencing service.

AI Startup DataRobot Reveals New Funding, Preps for IPO

Nov. 17, 2020 · 3:07 PM PST
DataRobot, which is in some ways similar to IBM Watson in terms of selling to companies in various industry segments, may soon go public.
A Domio promotional photo from 2019. Photo via Business Wire

Airbnb’s Revenue Fell 18% in Q3, but Cash Pile Grew

Nov. 16, 2020 · 2:57 PM PST
The company’s revenue drop wasn't nearly as steep as online travel competitors Booking Holdings and Expedia Group.
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Photo: Bloomberg

Microsoft: Hackers Targeting Firms Developing Covid-19 Vaccines

Nov. 13, 2020 · 3:38 PM PST
The warning comes two months after Microsoft raised the alarm about hackers in Russia, China and Iran aiming to disrupt the presidential election.

Instacart, U.S. Grocery Delivery Leader, Plans Early 2021 IPO

Nov. 12, 2020 · 8:51 PM PST
Late-stage tech firms continue the mad dash to go public

Cisco’s Sales Dip 9%, But Big Deals Picking Up

Nov. 12, 2020 · 2:15 PM PST
Cisco's data center hardware business has been hard-hit by Covid-19, but CEO Chuck Robbins says there's light at the end of the tunnel.
A pedestrian walks past an Apple retail store in Shenzhen. In recent months, Apple has resumed sending some U.S. employees to China to meet with its manufacturing partners. Photo: Associated Press

Datadog Sales Jump 61% in Q3, Stock Drops 10%

Nov. 10, 2020 · 3:05 PM PST
Datadog, one of the top companies in the fast-growing part of the cloud market known as application monitoring, is being closely watched by investors.

Dropbox Sales Up 14% But Paying User Growth Slows

Nov. 5, 2020 · 2:46 PM PST
Dropbox is continuing to attract more paying users, but metrics like user growth and average revenue per user slowed compared to last quarter.
In typically tourist-filled Prague, Czech Republic, a man crosses a nearly empty Old Town Square. Photo: AP

Nintendo Raises Annual Forecast For Net Profit By 50%

Nov. 5, 2020 · 1:42 AM PST
The revised forecast shows how video gaming is a major beneficiary of the pandemic, which has boosted demand for at-home entertainment.

Robotics Startup Kindred AI Acquired for $262 Million

Nov. 3, 2020 · 10:25 AM PST
British online grocery firm Ocado Group has acquired Kindred AI, which developers industrial robotic arms for use in e-commerce warehouses.

Dropbox CTO Departs a Year After Joining

Oct. 30, 2020 · 3:10 PM PDT
Dropbox, which is facing long-term declines in revenue growth and paying customers, won't be hiring a new CTO.

Samsung Warns of Decline in 4Q Profit

Oct. 29, 2020 · 1:38 AM PDT
Samsung’s warnings indicate that demand for consumer electronics hit its peak last quarter.