In Shift, Khosla Puts Energy into Consumer Tech

In Shift, Khosla Puts Energy into Consumer Tech
Ben Ling, Keith Rabois, Vinod Khosla and David Weiden. Art: Matt Vascellaro

Startups with wild dreams of repurposing carbon dioxide or forever replacing the egg have long sought out one man: self-made billionaire and the Valley’s most contrarian venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

But startups hoping to create the next big app, social network or consumer Internet company have largely passed Mr. Khosla and his namesake firm by. The firm hasn’t had any big exits in mobile gaming or social networking, which have made Khosla’s rivals billions.

Khosla Ventures, however, is changing as entrepreneurs flock to consumer apps and developer tools and back away from renewable energy, one of its signature areas.

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