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Why Priceline Has Passed On Hotel Tonight—So Far

Hotel Tonight is plotting a wider growth strategy after signs of sluggishness. It says it is profitable and now has to decide how to compete against the much larger companies in its space, such as ...

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Data Point

Uber Versus the World: Cash Edition

Uber is facing well-capitalized rivals across most key markets.

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Future List

The Information's Future List

For the technology industry to thrive, investors need to find entrepreneurs in more places. And the talent pool is diversifying far faster than investments firms are. That’s why we created the Future List. For three months, we worked with Social Capital to create a list of the venture capital firms best positioned for the future.

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Modest Proposals

Our Silent Future

Interacting with strangers on the street, or cab drivers and store assistants, gives us exposure to diverse ideas and helps our democracy. Technology like smartphones, VR and ride-sharing apps are ...

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How Baidu Is Leading China’s Self-Driving Car Push

• China’s government wants 10% of cars to be self-driving by 2030. • Baidu is ahead of Alibaba, Didi Chuxing and Tencent in developing self-driving car technology. • Baidu is using Nvidia chips ...

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Subscriber Survey

Subscribers Turn Less Sour on Economy, Tech

In our final subscriber survey for 2016, subscribers predicted consolidation in the self-driving car industry and intensifying competition between Facebook and Snap.

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