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538’s Nate Silver on the Bubble of Conventional Wisdom

By Alfred Lee

Democrats will likely do well in coming national elections, something conventional wisdom has been slow to ...

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Facebook Testing News Discovery Options

By Alfred Lee

Facebook is testing out new ways for users to discover news content, including grouping articles or videos ...

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Slack Executive Not Worried About Facebook’s Workplace Competitor

By Cory Weinberg

Slack has faced, and survived, an onslaught of well-designed, consumer-friendly enterprise tech ...

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Quora’s CEO Sees Govt Regulation As One Possible Solution to Fake News

By Cory Weinberg · 4 comments

Facebook and Twitter could change their distribution strategies to better reward news that is accurate, as ...


Controversies Take a Toll on Uber’s Stock

By Alfred Lee

Investors have cut the price they’re willing to pay for Uber stock on the secondary market by about ...

Silicon China

Teen Tennis Star’s Journey From China Tech IPO to Silicon Valley Deals

By Juro Osawa · 1 comment

This article is part of a series about the new cross-border investors wielding influence in Silicon Valley ...

Modest Proposals

The Bay Area Should Levy a 5% Equity Tax on Startups

By Sam Lessin · 17 comments

There are a lot of new tax ideas circulating in conversations. With aging infrastructure, growing ...

Modest Conversations: The Future of Real Estate

By Sam Lessin

Brad Hargreaves, the founder of Common and co-founder of General Assembly joins to discuss the future of ...

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