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The Information You Missed This Week

By The Information Staff

Good Morning!

What’s with all the complaints about the $400 “Juicero”? As pricey as the ...


The Information’s 411 — F8 of the Furious App Developers

By Tom Dotan

Alfred talks about the rise and implications of "mini IPOs." Cory shares his thoughts from this ...

The Takeaway

What Disrupted Industries Get Wrong

By Jessica E. Lessin · 7 comments

Over the past few months—as I celebrated the birth of my son—I’ve had a lot of time to ...

News Analysis

Why Should Developers Build for Facebook’s New Camera?

By Cory Weinberg

When Facebook announced this week it would open its camera for developers to build photo frames and ...


How Uber Will Combat Rising Driver Churn

By Amir Efrati · 17 comments

As Uber grapples with controversies over its workplace culture, CEO Travis Kalanick is considering a bevy ...

Crowdfunded “Mini IPOs” on Rise, Even as Questions Persist

By Alfred Lee · 5 comments

Cable news watchers may have noticed a flurry of recent commercials offering the chance to invest in the ...

What Box Founders Learned from Tough IPO

By Eugene Kim · 3 comments

When going public, an enterprise software company needs an explanation of their business so simple that it ...

Data Point

In China, Tencent’s WeChat Threatens Alibaba’s Alipay

By Juro Osawa and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Move over Alipay. Here comes WeChat.

In China’s massive mobile payment market, WeChat operator ...

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