The Information’s 411 — Tech CEOs Seeking Councils

By Tom Dotan

Amir and Tom talk about why some tech CEOs were late to leave Trump's business councils. Also how ...

Friday Opinion

Why Uber Should Pay Congestion Charges

By Eran Shir · 8 comments

We live in a world marching straight toward gridlock. In 2007, the share of people living in cities ...


How SoftBank Is Reshaping Global Tech

By Juro Osawa and Shai Oster · 3 comments

Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank is making a splash in Silicon Valley with its bid for a stake in Uber. But ...


WeWork Hires Apple Executive to Oversee Products

By Alfred Lee · 2 comments

WeWork has hired Shiva Rajaraman, a prominent tech executive who most recently served a short stint at ...


Cuban Wants to Buy Back Broadcast.com Name for New Chat Venture

By Kevin McLaughlin · 5 comments

Mark Cuban has taken steps to buy back the name of the firm that made him rich, Broadcast.com, so he can ...

Data Point

Where Lyft Gained on Uber—and Where It Didn’t

By Amir Efrati and Mike Sullivan

Lyft’s share of the ride-hailing market has hit record levels in nearly 30 major U.S. cities in the ...

Cryptocurrency’s Movers and Shakers

By Jon Victor · 10 comments

Who are the most influential people in cryptocurrency? Which startups or platforms are poised to change ...


Damore Faces Long Odds in Challenging Google on Firing

By Reed Albergotti · 1 comment

Former Google software engineer James Damore has become a favorite of conservative voices on the internet ...

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