Amazon’s Lending Biz Growing—Within Limits

By Eugene Kim · 1 comment

For five years, has quietly been making small loans to a few of the merchants that sell on the ...


How Travis Kalanick’s Iron Grip Weakened Uber

By Amir Efrati · 6 comments

Several months ago, at an Uber company staff meeting, an employee asked CEO Travis Kalanick about a ...


Google Drops Employee Waiver for Pornography Suits

By Reed Albergotti · 1 comment

Google will no longer require employees to waive their right to sue over pornography at work. The company ...

News Analysis

Tech’s Oakland Opportunity

By Cory Weinberg · 4 comments

Uber’s partial retrenchment from its future Oakland outpost appeared to be another example of ...


After Google Phone Fizzles, Huawei Turns to AT&T for U.S. Expansion

By Juro Osawa · 3 comments

Huawei, which is closing in on Apple and Samsung in smartphones, is making a fresh effort to sell its ...

Snap’s Big Tax Break

By Alfred Lee · 1 comment

The flurry of early interest in Snap’s IPO has passed and longstanding questions about the ...

Modest Proposals

Who Pays for Redesigning Streets for Self-Driving Cars?

By Sam Lessin · 8 comments

In the abstract, self-driving cars should make traffic in cities better. In practice, I think self-driving ...

Modest Conversations: Who Drives Corporate Benefits and Responsibility?

By Sam Lessin · 1 comment

Andrew Kortina, my co-founder at Fin and a co-founder of Venmo, joins to share some musings about ...

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