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Hardware Startups Pursue Network Effects

A new crop of hardware startups believe they can create a ‘network effects’ dynamic with consumer gadgets by linking devices in the cloud so customers can tap into user data. Success depends on ...

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Inside the Problem with Alphabet

Larry Page’s hope to use Alphabet to build new companies is being undercut by questions about autonomy that entrepreneurs will have within the conglomerate, highlighted by Carl Bass turning down ...

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Future List

The Information's Future List

For the technology industry to thrive, investors need to find entrepreneurs in more places. And the talent pool is diversifying far faster than investments firms are. That’s why we created the Future List. For three months, we worked with Social Capital to create a list of the venture capital firms best positioned for the future.

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True Value

How Apple’s Payment Plan Affects Revenue

Apple’s reported iPhone revenues could be depressed by accounting treatment of its new iPhone-purchase installment plans. A portion of the purchase price related to the right that buyers have to ...

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Modest Proposals

Kodak’s Lesson for Detroit

The rise of self-driving cars threatens Detroit’s automakers in much the same way as Kodak was threatened by the development of digital film. Detroit’s prospects of responding may be no better ...

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The Big Interview

Is Mic for Real?

The founders of millennial-focused site Mic say their focus on serious news will appeal to college-educated readers who don’t trust traditional media. It could be a good pitch to advertisers ...

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Nobody Needs a Nest

The Information’s tech-savvy subscribers are surprisingly ambivalent on most connected home devices aside from Sonos or the Amazon Echo. Meanwhile, the glimmer of optimism about tech and the ...

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