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Happy Presidents’ Day Weekend!We’ll jump right into the stories of the week, which covered a lot of ground. NEWSMutual funds use various methods to analyze the value of private tech companies and ...

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Inside How Mutual Funds Value Private Tech

Securities filings reveal details of how mutual funds have valued their shares in certain private tech companies and what led them to mark down—or mark up—their prices by so much.

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Future List

The Information's Future List

For the technology industry to thrive, investors need to find entrepreneurs in more places. And the talent pool is diversifying far faster than investments firms are. That’s why we created the Future List. For three months, we worked with Social Capital to create a list of the venture capital firms best positioned for the future.

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True Value

Amazon’s AWS Conundrum

As Amazon Web Services grows, questions about whether it fits within Amazon are likely to intensify on Wall Street. But breaking the company up would be difficult for many reasons.

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Real issues facing founders and investors.

Modest Proposals

Why Startups Are Doomed, Part Two

The rise of marketplace businesses has made bigger businesses more efficient, not less, which is bad news for startups.

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The Big Interview

Kik and the Coming Bot ‘Gold Rush’

As messaging platforms and virtual assistants try to bring chat bots into the mainstream, Canada’s Kik is betting on its users interacting with bots at restaurants and retailers. And its past ...

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Silicon Valley’s Most Popular Dealmakers

Ian Smith of Allen & Co got the most nominations for most popular investment banker among subscribers to The Information, although the firm with the biggest following was Goldman Sachs. Sentiment ...

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