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Amazon’s High Hopes for Echo Sales

Amazon has high hopes for how many Echo devices it will sell in the coming year, believing it can make the voice-controlled speaker ubiquitous and jumpstart the “smart home.

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Innovation or Cheating? Tech Disruption Hits Mountain Biking

A new breed of electronic bikes threaten to disrupt the hard-core sport of mountain biking by offering a subtle, motorized assist to the pedals. Critics say the e-bikes cheapen the sport and ...

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Future List

The Information's Future List

For the technology industry to thrive, investors need to find entrepreneurs in more places. And the talent pool is diversifying far faster than investments firms are. That’s why we created the Future List. For three months, we worked with Social Capital to create a list of the venture capital firms best positioned for the future.

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Modest Proposals

The Negative Side of Incubators

An oversupply of startup incubators is increasingly distorting company formation and capital raising. High-flying companies come out of demo days raising too much money while the rest don’t quite ...

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The Big Interview

Why General Electric Won Talent From Apple

General Electric is tapping into Amazon Web Services and using its own data centers for a new software business that it hopes will bring recurring revenue from its industrial machines. The effort ...

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Subscriber Survey

Subscribers Sour on Tech and Economy

Uber took a big hit in subscriber sentiment this month after Apple invested $1 billion in a competitor. Sentiment towards tech and the economy both was more negative.

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