Apple Severed Ties with Server Supplier After Security Concern

By Amir Efrati · 1 comment

In early 2016, Apple discovered what it believed was a potential security vulnerability in at least one ...

Asia View

China’s Trapped Money

By Shai Oster · 2 comments

There’s a story making the rounds of Chinese startup investors in Beijing and San Francisco. A ...

Data Point

Snap’s Spending Spree

By Tom Dotan and Mike Sullivan · 1 comment

Snap may not be the most prolific buyer of startups, but it’s lapping the field when it comes to ...


How Messenger and “M” Are Shifting Gears

By Cory Weinberg · 2 comments

After two years of trying to figure out ways to get commerce flowing through Messenger, with little ...

Modest Proposals

The Return of History: Google Photos and Personal Big Data

By Sam Lessin · 7 comments

For the last several years, thanks to social media, people have valued photos for the attention they ...

The Weekly Digest

The Information You Missed This Week

By The Information Staff

Good Morning!

Snap is going to market, trying to pitch itself as a unique blend of Silicon Valley and ...

The Information’s 411 — What is Watson?

By Tom Dotan

Kevin explains how IBM uses Watson's consumer brand to sell to enterprises. Juro makes his first ...

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