Subscriber Survey

The Information’s Public Company Index

By The Information Staff

Subscribers turned much more upbeat about Apple in The Information’s latest subscriber survey, ...

When Will Snap Embrace Data?

By Tom Dotan · 3 comments

When Snap employees pitch CEO Evan Spiegel on a new feature for the app, they’ve found he’s ...


What’s Next for DirecTV Now

By Cory Weinberg · 1 comment

Of all the attempts in distributing traditional TV channels online, DirecTV’s may be the one that ...


AWS Takes Aim at Call Center Industry

By Kevin McLaughlin · 5 comments

Alexa is coming to customer call centers.

Amazon Web Services is preparing to sell software to help ...

Gender Reports: How Companies Stack Up

By Mike Sullivan · 3 comments

As Uber scrambles to release a diversity report following sexual harassment allegations, private tech ...


How Rizvi’s Clients Will Do on Snap IPO

By Alfred Lee · 1 comment

When Snap goes public on Thursday, one of the investors closely watching the result will be Rizvi ...

News Digest

The Information You Missed This Week

By The Information Staff

Good Morning!

If you want to make some money this week on Snap, forget the IPO. Sell your services ...


The Information’s 411 — The Bots Aren’t Good

By Tom Dotan

Cory talks about why Facebook is betting on a new scaled-down version of M for Messenger. And Tom gives ...

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