SoftBank’s $93 Billion Vision Problem

By Shai Oster · 2 comments

Nearly two decades ago, SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son stunned his peers when he made a $20 million bet on ...


Inside Snap’s Growth Struggles

By Tom Dotan · 3 comments

Last summer, members of Snap’s growth team presented CEO Evan Spiegel and other executives with ...

The Bright Side of AWS’s Slowing Revenue Growth

By Eugene Kim · 2 comments

When shopping startup Moovweb first launched a decade ago, it used Amazon Web Services, paying by the hour ...

News Analysis

At Uber, Waymo Lawsuit Brings New Risks

By Amir Efrati · 3 comments

Shortly after Alphabet’s self-driving car unit Waymo filed a lawsuit in late February alleging Uber ...

VCs Flock to China’s Latest Rental Craze: Smartphone Batteries

By Yunan Zhang · 2 comments

If you’re caught in a downpour in China, you can rent an umbrella to keep you dry. If you’re ...

Modest Proposals

Time to Pay Attention to Cryptocurrencies

By Sam Lessin · 11 comments

In the last few weeks there have been massive runups in several cryptocurrencies. The market ...

Modest Conversations: The Near Future of AI

By Sam Lessin · 1 comment

For this week’s modest conversation we have a double header on the near future of AI.  

Lukas ...

The Weekly Digest

The Information You Missed This Week

By The Information Staff

Good Morning!

We learned this week another reason why Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., will never be ...

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