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Good morning!For those of you on the East Coast, we hope you’re staying dry. If you’re in San Francisco, see you at our Subscriber Summit Thursday! This week’s most popular stories were about ...

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Inside Jack Dorsey’s Vision for Twitter

Jack Dorsey has a “blue sky” plan for Twitter that focuses on making it easier to Tweet through longer-form publishing tools, more than changing how people consume Tweets.

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True Value

How Apple’s Payment Plan Affects Revenue

Apple’s reported iPhone revenues could be depressed by accounting treatment of its new iPhone-purchase installment plans. A portion of the purchase price related to the right that buyers have to ...

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Real issues facing founders and investors.

Modest Proposals

The Case Against Product-Market Fit

Startups and investors should stop obsessing over product-market fit and focus on continuously finding new users.

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The Big Interview

Okta Goes Head to Head with Microsoft

One of the big questions in IT security is whether startup Okta can compete long term with bigger rivals like Microsoft, which can bundle security features with their other apps and services. With ...

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Subscriber Survey

Ad Blocking Usage Grows, Despite Qualms

Subscribers in this month’s survey showed more optimism about tech, the economy and companies such as Apple. A majority of respondents said they planned to use ad blocking software in iOS 9.

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