News Analysis

Why Uber Might Sell Asian Business to Grab

By Amir Efrati

Grab’s $2 billion fundraising, announced on Monday and led by SoftBank, has changed the ride-hailing ...

True Value

Will AT&T Throttle HBO?

By Martin Peers and Tom Dotan · 1 comment

HBO has been flying high on the backs of dragons, but it has done little to face down the rising beast of ...


AT&T CTO Says Move to White Boxes a ‘Wake-Up Call’

By Kevin McLaughlin · 4 comments

For big enterprise hardware companies like Cisco Systems and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AT&T has long ...

New Breed of VCs Brings Startups In-House

By Jon Victor · 7 comments

Megan O’Connor hadn’t fully developed the concept for Clark, an app that connects tutors with ...

Modest Conversations

Building Platform Products - Raylene Yung of Stripe & Facebook

By Sam Lessin

Raylene currently leads the applications team at Stripe, and formerly was an engineering manager at ...

The Weekly Digest

The Information You Missed This Week

By The Information Staff

Good Morning!

Elon Musk claims he got verbal approval to create his underground hyperloop tunnel on the ...


The Information’s 411 — Tell Me About Kubernetes

By Tom Dotan · 1 comment

Kevin talks about AWS and its latest strategic moves. Tom and Reed lay out the future of AR and how the ...

The Takeaway

News Industry Can’t Put Genie Back in Bottle

By Jessica E. Lessin · 2 comments

This week Facebook confirmed it will begin testing new ways for news publishers to sell digital ...

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