Free Agents

Meet The Information’s Free Agents

Meet The Information’s Free Agents

Businesses are only as good as their people, and in the technology and media industries, talent doesn’t often stay put for long.

Clashing cultures, strong personalities and strategy shifts often send big names to the exits (see former Apple executive Scott Forstall and former Microsoft executive Steve Sinofsky in the list below). Even the most senior managers get antsy and start looking for the next big thing.

The Information has assembled a list of “free agents,” respected executives somewhat on the sidelines who may be looking for new opportunities. You can expect some of these people to become the next COO, CFO or CEO of a hot startup; a big-time product executive at an established firm; or a headline-grabbing founder. Regardless of what they do next, their moves will make news.

The Information spoke directly with most of these hard-to-reach people and got them to talk about themselves and what they would look for in their next gig. Here’s part one of The Information’s Free Agents:

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