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Airbnb’s High-Profile Executive Holes

Airbnb, Bloomberg, Getty Images, Flickr/TechCrunch
Airbnb, Bloomberg, Getty Images, Flickr/TechCrunch

At a dinner for Airbnb’s board two months ago, the company’s co-founders and investors agreed that executive hiring would be a top priority for the coming year. With several top positions vacant, such as a marketing chief and head of the homes division, top executives have been stretched thin. CEO Brian Chesky even has taken a hands-on role approving ad campaigns, according to people familiar with the matter.

So far, the executive hiring effort doesn’t appear to be making much progress. Last week’s reshuffle at the top, when CFO Laurence Tosi departed and business affairs chief Belinda Johnson was promoted to be chief operating officer, may have made things worse. Ms. Johnson mostly absorbed functions Mr. Tosi oversaw, while his departure created an opening for a CFO. Interim finance chief Ellie Mertz, a former Netflix executive, is respected inside the company but hasn’t taken a company public before, as Airbnb is expected to do in 2019 or 2020. Above is an updated version of Airbnb's org chart and board of directors. 

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Below are 72 of the top employees at the home-sharing and travel company. Click through to explore a breakdown of the largest team—engineering—as well as the design group and several others.
Last updated February 8, 2018

Brian Chesky

CEO, Co-founder

Brian Chesky’s Direct Reports

Joe Gebbia

Co-founder, Head of Airbnb Samara Lab

Nate Blecharczyk

Co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Chairman of Airbnb China

Belinda Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Curtis

VP of Engineering

Ellie Mertz

Interim Head of Finance

Alex Schleifer

VP of Design

Open Seat

Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Zadeh

VP of Trips

Vlad Loktev

Vice President, Product & Home Operations

Joe Poulin

President & CEO of Luxury Retreats

Belinda Johnson’s Direct Reports


Chris Lehane

Head of Global Policy & Public Affairs

Rob Chestnut

General Counsel

Wrede Petersmeyer

Business Affairs

Beth Axelrod

Vice President of Employee Experience

Aisling Hassell

Head of Global Customer Experience

Mike Liberatore

Payments CFO

Jason Sobel

Interim Head of Trust & Safety

Chris Lehane’s Direct Reports


Kim Rubey

Global Head of Social Impact & Philanthropy

Nick Shapiro

Global Head of Trust & Risk Mamanagement

Rob Chestnut’s Direct Reports


Elizabeth Bohannon

Associate General Counsel

Beth Axelrod’s Direct Reports


Gia Colosi

Head of Global Talent Operations

David King

Director of Diversity & Belonging

Aisling Hassell’s Direct Reports


Darin Evenson

Director of Customer Experience for North America

Ian Watson

Director of Customer Experience & Trust & Safety for APAC

Vicki Stevenson

Director of Customer expereince, EMEA)

Mike Curtis’s Direct Reports


Jason Misonoff

Director of Engineering for Growth

Maxim Charkoff

Director of Engineering

Paul Young

Online Security

Kevin Rice

Director of Engineering

Surabhi Gupta

Director of Engineering

Ari Sternberg

Engineering Manager

Christian Deonier

Engineering Manager

Lou Kosak

Engineering Manager

Ganesh Venkataraman

Engineering Manager

Ellie Mertz’s Direct Reports


David Bernstein

Chief Accounting Officer & Controller

Krishna Rao

Co-Head of Corporate Development

Sara Adler

Co-Head of Corporate Development

Jeff Mullen

Head of Treasury

Alex Schleifer’s Direct Reports


Judd Antin

Director of Research

Adrian Cleave

Director of Design

Ethan Eismann

Director of Design

Jenny Arden

Design Manager

Amber Cartwright

Design Manager

Marissa Phillips

Head of Content Strategy

Chief Marketing Officer’s Direct Reports


Ayni Raimondi

Global Key Brand Relationships Lead

Nancy King

Global Consumer Insights

James Goode

Director, Art Department

Matt Ghering

Strategy & Operations Director

Sarah Goodnow

Global Head of Alternative Marketing

Joe Gebbia’s Direct Reports


Simon Waterfall

Creative Director & Head of Operations at Samara

Marc McCabe

Project Lead at Samara

Cameron Sinclair

Lead, Social Innovation

Joe Zadeh’s Direct Reports


Andrea La Mesa

Director of Operations for Trips

Julia Persaud

Global Head of Operations for Experiences

Aoife McCardle

Director of Business Affairs & Social Impact Trips

Nate Abbott

Product Lead, Trips

Caroline Boone

Quality Lead, Trips

James Beshara

Head of Music

Vlad Loktev’s Direct Reports


Dan Hill

Director of Guest Experience

Clara Liang

Director of Host Experience

Bar Ifrach

Director of Homes Data Science

Alok Gupta

Director of Guests Data Science

Jonathan Lesser

Head of Global Host & Community Operations & GM of Vacation Rentals

Nate Blecharczyk’s Direct Reports


Tao Zhu

Head of Data Science for Airbnb China

Chao Ruan

Head of Engineering at Airbnb China

Sean Pan

Head of China Operations

Amy Zao

Head of China Partnerships

Dave Countryman

Director of Global Strategy

Joe Poulin’s Direct Reports


Nick Geuzen

Vice President of Portfolio Development

Amr Younes

President of Revenue Optimization

Julien Zakoian

Chief Revenue Officer

Quick Facts

  • Top-line revenue grew about 50% year over year to $2.6 billion, with more than $90 million in profits
  • Expected to go public in 2019 or 2020

Board of Directors

Brian Chesky

Airbnb Co-founder and CEO

Nate Blecharczyk

Airbnb Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Joe Gebbia

Airbnb Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Alfred Lin

Partner at Sequoia Capital

Jeff Jordan

General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Kenneth Chenault

Managing Director, General Catalyst and Former CEO of American Express

Marc Andreessen

Co-founder and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz


David Bonderman

Founding Partner at TPG Capital


David Trujillo

Partner at TPG


Anton Levy

Managing Director at General Atlantic


Reid Hoffman

Partner at Greylock Partners


Mr. Chesky also has been a picky hirer over the years, particularly around how people will fit with Airbnb’s unique culture.