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Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver at a premiere for Amazon Prime Video's Bosch, a spin-off of which is destined for IMDB. Photo by AP.

Amazon Discussing Renaming IMDb TV to Help Draw More Viewers

Photo: Jamie Hector and Titus Welliver at a premiere for Amazon Prime Video's Bosch, a spin-off of which is destined for IMDB. Photo by AP.

First it was called Freedive, then it was dubbed IMDb TV. Now, less than three years after launching its free ad-supported video-streaming service, Amazon is looking to rename it, according to people familiar with the situation.

Amazon executives believe the existing name is too hard for people to pronounce, which hurts its popularity, said people familiar with the situation. Several alternatives have been tossed around in internal discussions, including Zon—short for Amazon—as well as Free TV and Free Streaming TV. The Zon idea was shot down but otherwise Amazon is yet to make a decision about the new name, the people said.

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