Announcing the Creator Economy Summit Masterclasses

We’re excited to see everyone on October 28 at The Information’s inaugural Creator Economy Summit. Our masterclass breakout sessions are an important part of the Summit. At this year’s event, we’ll have three sets of 45-minute masterclasses. Here is a preview of this year’s topics.

For group ticket information, please email [email protected].

10:00 a.m. Pacific -10:45 a.m. Pacific: First Set of Masterclass Sessions

    How to Go Multi-Platform Without Losing Your Mind

    Speaker: Sean Atkins, President, Jellysmack

    Moderated by Kaya Yurieff, Reporter, The Information

    When creators only use one platform, they’re leaving fans and money on the table. A multi-platform presence is crucial to open up new avenues of growth and navigate algorithmic changes outside a creator’s control. In this masterclass, we’ll discuss the positive impact of going multi-platform and how to do it without burning out.

    Fueling the Creator Middle Class

    Speakers: Aya Kanai, Head of Content and Creator Partnerships, Pinterest

    Laura McCracken, Managing Director, Global eCommerce & Payment - Industry Lead, Software & Platforms, Accenture

    Shiquita Hyman, Creator, The Unconventional Southern Belle

    Moderated by Laura Mandaro, Senior Editor, The Information

    When creators succeed, they provide a powerful, non-fungible asset to the platforms they inhabit. But the creator economy, much like the global economy, is concentrated at the top, and very few creators actually find financial security. How can platforms, creators and the companies supporting the ecosystem reach and support this important segment of next-generation content stars? In this masterclass, we’ll discuss how platforms can leverage top creators while also balancing the upward mobility of a large creator economy middle class.

    12:30 p.m. Pacific- 1:15 p.m. Pacific: Second Set of Masterclass Sessions

      The Future of the Creator Experience

      Speakers: Paco Suro, General Manager, Mass Pay, Tipalti

      Keith Kawahata, Head of Games, AppLovin

      Moderated by: Kate Clark, Reporter, The Information

      Creators are turning their passions into big businesses. From monetization to acquiring new audiences to the back office tools creators need to run their business, this masterclass will dive into how platforms are helping creators scale their business.

      Building for the Second Renaissance

      Speakers: Jack Conte, Co-founder & CEO, Patreon; Julian Gutman, Chief Product Officer, Patreon

      Moderated by Laura Mandaro, Senior Editor, The Information

      There’s never been a better time to be a creator. We’re witnessing a true explosion of creativity like never before with millions being able to make a living from their craft. Patreon calls this the Second Renaissance. In this masterclass, we’ll discuss how the last decade of the internet has brought us to this moment, what it means now, and what’s going to be built for creators over the next decade to power this Second Renaissance.

      3:00 p.m. Pacific-3:45 p.m. Pacific: Third Set of Masterclass Sessions

      Cash for Creators

      Speaker: Aaron DeBevoise, CEO & Founder, Spotter, Inc.

      Moderated by Sahil Patel, Reporter, The Information

      As brands and platforms vie to attract creators, what are creators’ options for accessing capital? While agencies help elevate their work and exposure, that doesn’t go hand-in-hand with access to funds. In this masterclass, we’ll explore the benefits and hurdles of providing up-front cash for creators, and how those cash infusions enable them to scale.

      Case Study: Marina Mogilko on Direct Investment From Slow Ventures

      Marina is a creator with more than six million followers, and recently took a direct investment from Slow Ventures.  Marina and Sam will talk through the technicalities of Slow’s holistic longterm investment in her creator business.

      Speaker: Marina Mogilko, Creator

      Moderated by Sam Lessin, General Partner, Slow Ventures & Intern, The Information

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