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Bitly president Raleigh Harbour. Photo: Bitly. Illustration: Mike Sullivan
Creator Economy

How Bitly is Remaking Itself in the Age of Creators

Photo: Bitly president Raleigh Harbour. Photo: Bitly. Illustration: Mike Sullivan

In a blast from the past, Bitly, a company that has quietly been shortening links for over a decade, is trying to make its way back to the limelight with the creator economy. 

Bitly is launching a beta version of Link Launchpad, a link-in-bio feature that acts as a landing page creators can use to share multiple links in their social media bios. It joins a slew of newer startups, including Linktree, Beacons and Koji, which offer creators free and paid customized web pages to list their social media résumés. (Read why everyone’s excited about link-in-bio startups.)

Creators were “creating those links in Bitly and then manually copying them and pasting them into their Linktree, or one of the other solutions, and running both concurrently,” said Bitly president Raleigh Harbour in a video interview. “And the reality is that nobody wants to run multiple platforms.”

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