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How Netflix’s Management Structure Is Rewriting the Hollywood Script

Photos by Bloomberg, AP, Netflix. Source: The Information
Photos by Bloomberg, AP, Netflix. Source: The Information

Of all the factors that explain Netflix’s success in upending the media industry, the least understood may be just how little it operates like a traditional media company.

At most studios and TV networks, decisions about whether to make a show or a movie can be made only by a handful of people atop the company, namely the president, a programming chief and a few other senior executives. But Netflix allows many people on its team—including people two rungs down from programming chief Ted Sarandos—to greenlight a new series or buy the streaming rights to a TV show. That sort of autonomy—known internally as “Freedom and Responsibility”— is replicated across other departments like marketing.

To give a clearer idea of how Netflix operates, we’ve put together for the first time an organizational chart (see above) of the management team with 80 names.

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Below are the top 80 executives at Netflix. The company has grown substantially in the last six years as the streaming business has taken off, but its top management has remained stable. Beneath CEO Reed Hastings' direct reports are a large group of VPs that make up the E-Staff and advise on broad corporate strategy. Most of them are included in this chart.
Last updated August 30, 2018

Reed Hastings


Reed Hastings’ Direct Reports

Kelly Bennett

Chief Marketing Officer

Rachel Whetstone

Chief Communications Officer

David Hyman

General Counsel

Jessica Neal

Chief Talent Officer

Greg Peters

Chief Product Officer

Ted Sarandos

Chief Content Officer

David Wells

Chief Financial Officer

Bill Holmes

Business Development

Kelly Bennett’s Direct Reports


Jerret West

Head of Marketing APAC

Vini Losacco

Head of Marketing LatAm

Stephen Bruno

Global Creative Marketing

Danielle Davies

Head of Marketing EMEA

Eric Pallotta

Brand and Editorial

Zoe Friend

Consumer Insights

Shauna Spenley

Head of Marketing North America

Rachel Whetstone’s Direct Reports


Richard Siklos

Communications North America

Karen Barragan

Global Series Publicity

Julie Fontaine

Global Film Publicity

Jessica Lee

Communications, APAC

Jenny McCabe

Global Consumer PR

Sarah Ryan

Communications, EMEA

David Hyman’s Direct Reports


Hillary Ware

Associate General Counsel

Bryony Gagan

Business Legal Affairs

TJ Angioletti

Associate General Counsel

Monique Meche

Public Policy

Stephen Zager

Associate General Counsel

Byrony Gagan’s Direct Reports


Amy Paquette


Stefanie Markman

Business & Legal Affairs

Josephine Choy

Business & Legal Affairs, Asia Pacific

Heather McCauley

Legal Affairs for Originals

Tim Mizrahi

Content Legal Affairs

Jeremy Kaufman


Jessica Neal’s Direct Reports


Eric Hawkins

HR Business Partner Content

Scott Domann

Marketing and Communications

Bethany Brodsky


Nellie Peshkov


Allison Wright

Human Resources Business Partner - Finance, Legal, HR

Peter Reiling

Leadership Development

Greg Peters’ Direct Reports


Ken Florence

Content Delivery

Todd Yellin


Jason Chan


Gagan Hasteer

Content Engineering

Paul Ellwood

Data Engineering

Scott Mirer

Device Ecosystems

Christian Kaiser

Platform Engineering

Caitlin Smallwood

Science & Analytics

Matt Marenghi

UI Engineering

Anthony Park


Mark White

Product Engineering

Ted Sarandos’ Direct Reports


Cindy Holland

Head of Original Series

Erik Barmack

International Originals

Scott Stuber

Original Film

Bela Bajaria


Amy Reinhard

Content Acquisitions

Rob Roy

Content Acquisition & Originals, Asia

Melissa Cobb


Cindy Holland’s Direct Reports


Lisa Nishimura

Documentaries and Standups

Jane Wiseman

Original Series

Peter Friedlander

Original Series

Allie Goss

Original Series

Nina Wolarsky

Original Series

Bryan Noon

Business Affairs

Brian Wright

Originals, Young Adult

Eric Barmack’s Direct Reports


Kelly Luegenbiehl

International Originals

Bela Bajaria’s Direct Reports


Larry Tanz

International Content Acquisitions

Lisa Nishimura’s Direct Reports


Adam Del Deo


David Wells’ Direct Reports


Spencer Wang

Investor Relations and Corporate Development

David Burt

Content Planning & Analysis

Mark Yurechko

Corporate Planning Strategic Analysis

JC Berger

Finance Controller

Brent Wickens

Customer Service, Facilities

Vickie Gonzalez


David Burt’s Direct Reports


Pablo Perez De Rosso

Content Planning & Analysis

Gavin Imai

Studio Planning & Analysis & Production Finance

Mark Yurechko’s Direct Reports


Priya Sahai

Partnerships Planning and Analysis

Louisa Wee

Marketing Strategy & Analysis & Programmatic Media Buying

Kathryn Chen

Tech Strategy & Analysis

Dan Vu

Corporate Planning and Analysis

Manping Wang

Subscriber Forecasting and Analysis

Quick Facts

  • Netflix had 63.8m international subscribers and 55m U.S. at March 31
  • Revenue in 2017 was $11.7 billion
  • Market capitalization is currently $152 billion

Board of Directors

Richard Barton

Zillow Group, Inc

Skip Battle

Fair Isaac Corporation

Rodolphe Belmer


Timothy Haley

Redpoint Ventures

Reed Hastings

Co-founder, Netflix

Jay Hoag

General Partner, Technology Crossover Ventures

Leslie Kilgore

Former Netflix CMO

Ann Mather

Former Disney Executive

Susan Rice

Former US National Security Advisor

Brad Smith

President, Microsoft Corp

Anne Sweeney

Former Disney Executive