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Introducing: The Information’s 411

We’re excited to announce our newest feature at The Information: a podcast. It’s called “The Information’s 411,” and it’s a weekly rundown of the stories we covered during the week as well as bonus insights and analysis from all members of our team. (That’s reporters, editors, engineers...and one day, subscribers.)

This episode features several of our stories from the week, including a look at the public market volatility and how it’s affecting the funding environment as well as hiring for private tech companies. We’re also talking about Reed’s inside look at how highly valued private tech firms convince prospective employees their equity has big upsides. And there’s a special call to listeners to save our favorite, troubled TV show about the 1980s computing industry, “Halt and Catch Fire” (#savehalt).

Special thanks to Alex Plapinger for all the music in our show.

We’d love feedback from subscribers (and non-subscribers). What works? What else do you want to hear? Hit us up at And send us your questions too; maybe we’ll do a subscriber Q&A in a future episode.

Happy listening!

The Takeaway
We dusted off the microphones in The Information’s newsroom to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at our top stories of the week.