Our 2018 Subscriber Summit Roundtables

We're excited to announce this year's lunch roundtables, assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at our Subscriber Summit October 18 in San Francisco. Register here and please arrive early to ensure there is space in the session you want to attend. 

Will the Healthcare Revolution Be Consumerized?

The direct-to-consumer revolution is disrupting every industry, and healthcare is no exception...or is it? Join Marc Leibowitz, global head of digital for Johnson & Johnson, for a discussion on whether direct-to-consumer solutions will change the way healthcare and wellness are delivered, managed and experienced. Does this differ for digital versus non-digital solutions? How does it vary across markets and regions? And how can we expect the Amazon-JPM-Berkshire Hathaway consortium to shake up the system? Moderator: Priya Anand, The Information

Climbing the Ladder: Building Your Career in Tech

There’s no single path to climbing up the tech career ladder but there are distinct strategies and pitfalls to avoid. This session, led by Forward CEO, serial entrepreneur and former Google executive Adrian Aoun, will address topics such as: how to choose your first startup; how to pick a breakout company to join; when to sell your company; and when to leave a company to start a company. Moderator: Tom Dotan, The Information

China’s Changing Tech Landscape

China, the world’s biggest internet market, has three times as many smartphone users and eleven times as many mobile payment users than the U.S. And there is a lot more to China tech than well-known giants like Alibaba and Tencent. Drawing on the latest research report on China’s internet, Ravi Hiranand, the head of South China Morning Post’s tech site Abacus, will walk through some of the changes and emerging trends, using Abacus’s China Internet Report as a starting off pointModerator: Juro Osawa, The Information

Building a Tech Brand

Tech companies have historically been very bad at brand marketing. Now, it’s all the rage, and companies from tiny startups all the way to Uber are spending on big campaigns. So when is the right time to invest? What’s the difference between a brand campaign that works and a big waste of money? Airbnb’s former chief marketing officer and CEO of TwentyFirstCenturyBrand Jonathan Mildenhall will share his advice and answer your questions. Moderator: Cory Weinberg, The Information

Rumors and Facts with The Information founder Jessica Lessin

Jessica has been reporting on Silicon Valley for 13 years and building The Information for five. She is excited to talk about all manner of topics, from the end of social media to the likelihood of specific regulations on tech to what’s next for media business models.

Lunch with The Information Reporters

Head to the food trucks at 601 Mission Bay Boulevard North to talk tech and business with reporters from The Information. Bring your questions and your appetitie. 

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