Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. Photo by Bloomberg
The Takeaway

Our (Mostly Male) Tech CEOs Face a Time of Reckoning

Photo: Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann. Photo by Bloomberg

Earlier this week, while scanning Twitter in between meetings, I saw an article about a new gender discrimination suit filed against Pinterest. I made a mental note to read it later. The female in me is always disturbed by and wants to know more about these suits. But the editor in me too often gets distracted by other topics dominating the headlines, like major acquisitions and antitrust battles. 

But when I saw that Françoise Brougher had filed it, I stopped what I was doing to read the coverage immediately. I’ve reported on Brougher for years as she has worked at Google, Square and Pinterest, holding major executive roles at each. She’s not universally loved—some critics see her as overly logical (whatever that means) and “lacking EQ.” But the people who work most closely with her often adore her, and you can’t argue with her business record. 

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