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Snap Poaches Uber Lawyer

Snap last month hired a top lawyer from Uber, one of three executives who quietly left Uber in the past few months.

Katherine Tassi, who was an associate general counsel at Uber in charge of privacy issues, moved from San Francisco to Snap’s headquarters in Venice, Calif., to take on a similar role, reporting to general counsel Chris Handman. She’d been at Uber for just over two years and her departure came as a surprise to her team, according to a person who knows the group.

Another departure was Andrew Chapin, one of the company’s first 30 or so employees who last year set up the company’s vehicle finance program as a separate subsidiary with its own financing from lenders and some capital from Uber.

Mr. Chapin, who joined Uber five years ago after working on commodities transactions at Goldman Sachs, left in August. He is starting a new company that’s not related to ride-sharing or financial technology, said a person with direct knowledge of his venture.

Phillip Cardenas, former head of “global trust and security” at Uber, left around the same time as Mr. Chapin, after two years at the company. On his LinkedIn page, Mr. Cardenas says he is advising and mentoring companies.

Amir Efrati is executive editor at The Information, which he helped to launch in 2013. Previously he spent nine years as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal, reporting on white-collar crime and later about technology. He can be reached at [email protected] and is on Twitter @amir

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