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Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla Turnover Revamps Executive Team

Sources: Tesla internal organizational chart; The Information reporting
Sources: Tesla internal organizational chart; The Information reporting

Tesla’s flat management structure appears to have become even flatter recently, as departures of key executives have left a larger than normal number of people answerable directly to CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla’s employee organization chart, located on an internal company website and viewed by The Information, recently showed 29 managers reporting to Mr. Musk. About a dozen of those managers, who run everything from low-voltage electronics to developing chassis for Tesla vehicles, were orphaned in the leadership structure when their respective bosses left the company this spring. They currently are listed in the organizational chart under Mr. Musk until they have a new boss, said a person with knowledge of the situation.

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Elon Musk


People reporting to Elon Musk include:

Jerome Guillen

President, Automotive

Deepak Ahuja


Franz von Holzhausen

Sr. Design Executive

JB Straubel


Andrej Karpathy

Director, AI for Autopilot

Charlie Kuehmann*

VP, Tesla & SpaceX Materials Engineering

Dave Arnold

Sr. Director, Global Comms

Jeff Jones

Sr. Director, Global Security

Karl Wagner

Sr. Director, Global Security

Kevin Kassekert

VP, People & Places

Laurie Shelby

VP, Environment Health & Safety

Nagesh Saldi

Chief Information Officer

Peter Bannon

VP, Hardware Design Engineering

Robin Ren

VP, Global Sales, Service & Delivery

Sam Teller

Chief of Staff

Sanjay Shah

SVP, Energy Operations

Stuart Bowers

VP, Engineering (incl. Autopilot)

Todd Maron

General Counsel

Stuart Bowers’s Direct Reports


Akshay Joshi

Staff Firmware Engineer (Embedded Systems)

Ben Goldstein

Sr. Staff Software Engineer (Simulation)

Christophe Thibault

Sr. Staff Software Engineer (Cloud Infrastructure)

CJ Moore

Staff Integration Engineer (Integration/Quality Control)

Drew Steedly

Principal Engineer, Autopilot (Perception System)

Frank Havlak

Sr. Staff Controls Engineer (Controls)

Mehdi Amini

Engineering Manager, Software (Tools & Infrastructure)

Nathan Jones

Sr. Staff Data Scientist (Maps)

Steven Jones

Staff Software Engineer

Tolga Kart

Sr. Staff Technical Program Manager

Zeljko Popovic

Staff Control Systems Engineer

Andrej Karpathy’s Direct Reports


Amani Peddada

Machine Learning Scientist

Ankit Bhagatwala

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Ashok Elluswamy

Sr. Staff Computer Vision Engineer

Chris Payne

Staff Autopilot Software Engineer

Dhaval Shroff

Sr. Software Development Engineer

Fabio Aguilera-Convers

Supervisor, Autopilot Data Analysis

Farzard Khorasani

Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Guangzhi Cao

Staff Computer Vision Scientist

James Musk

Software Engineer

Joe Polin

Sr. Software Development Engineer

John Emmons

Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Lane McIntosh

Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Matthew Bauch

Staff Software Engineer

Milan Kovac

Sr. Manager, Autopilot Embedded Systems

Russell Kaplan

Sr. Machine Learning Scientist

Sanjeev Satheesh

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

Steve Hu

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Swupnil Sahai

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer

Tianjun Xiao

Staff Machine Learning Scientist

Xujie Zhang

Staff Autopilot Software Engineer

Zhenhua Yu

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Peter Bannon’s Direct Reports


Aaron Rogers

Sr. Staff Physical Design Engineer

Atchyuth Gorti

Sr. Staff Autopilot Hardware Engineer

Ben Hertzberg

Principal Engineer - Compiler Lead

Bill McGee

Principal SOC Engineer

Dan Hopper

Subsystem Micro-Architect

Doug Crowder

Staff Firmware Engineer

Gagandeep Sachdev

Staff Hardware Engineer

Ganesh Venkat

Director, IP Development

James Hakewill

Sr. Staff Engineer

Jeremy Tanumihardjo

Sr. Autopilot Hardware Engineer

Junie Um

System-on-chip Architect

Kent Knox

Staff Software Development Engineer

Kiran Sama

Design Verification Engineer

Magdalena Aquino

Project Manager

Mark Brittain

Staff Memory Controller Designer

Paul Miranda

Sr. Staff System-on-Chip RTL Engineer

Peter Sassone

Staff Autopilot Hardware Engineer

Prashant Joshi

Manager, Hardware Engineering

Reza Omrani

Sr. Staff Data & Signal Processing Engineer

Richard Sites

Performance Consultant

Jerome Guillen’s Direct Reports


Peter Hochholdinger

VP, Production

Jat Dhillon

Director, Manufacturing

Andrew Shrum

Staff Technical Program Manager

Andrew Sundblom

Manager, Manufacturing Engineering

Arvind Sankaran

Sr. Manager, Material Flow Engineering

Bob Bliss

Director, Production Planning & Systems

Brian Greviskes

Director, Automation Development Engineering

Charly Mwangi

Sr. Director, Body Engineering

Dan Priestley

Staff Technical Program Manager

Daniel Ho

Sr. Staff Program Manager

Daniel Zhang

Staff Technical Program Manager

Evan Chenoweth

Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer

Graham Carroll

Staff Product Support Engineer

Jason Luecht

Staff Product Support Engineer

Jim Dudley

Sr. Director

Joshua Resnick

Sr. Electronic Design Engineer

Lothar Thommes

VP, Managing Director, Tesla Grohmann Engineering

Luke Preston

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, General Assembly

Nasser Zamani

Sr. Staff Homologation Engineer

Richard Miller

Director, Paint

Sascha Zahnd

VP, Global Supply Chain

Thomas Vikstrom

Sr. Manager, Engineering

Peter Hochholdinger’s Direct Reports


Mario De La Rosa

Sr. Manager, Manufacturing

Andy Hamilton

Director, Bringing Parts to the Line

Jan Just

Director, Manufacturing

Bill Laguana

Manager, Production Stamping

Brieuc Corlay

Sr. Manager, Production Process Engineering

Christiane Rowinski

Manager, Product Excellence

Huub Remmers

Sr. Manager, Manufacturing

Jill Moore

Maintenance Manager

Keith Champion

Sr. Manager, Global Manufacturing Planning

Leonardo Guerrero

Sr. Manager, Production

Mario Penera

Sr. Manager, Production

Morgan Adis

Sr. Manager, Production Engineering, Model S & X

Pally Kumar

Sr. Manager, Manufacturing Introduction

Praveen Sharma

Sr. Manager, Seat Assembly

Richard Toruno

Sr. Manager, Supercharger, Model S/X Glider

Sergio Herrera

Sr. Manager, Equipment Engineering

Tiffany Ciletti

Manager, Manufacturing Operations

Yusuf Gaba

Manager, Battery Technology Powertrain

Senior Executives With No Clear Reporting Line

Matt Casebolt

Sr. Director of Engineering, Body, Exteriors, Lighting, and Closures

Steve MacManus

VP, Interior & Exterior Engineering

Michael Schwekutsch

VP, Drive Systems

Lars Moravy

Director, Chassis Engineering

David Lau

VP, Vehicle Software

Nick Hagerty

Manager, Prototype Services

Alan Clarke

Director, New Programs Engineering

Colin Campbell

Sr. Director, Power Electronics

Sanjay Lal

Director, Design Operating System Engineering

Mukund Chavan

Director, Material Flow Hardware Engineering

Vidya Rajagopalan

Director, Low Voltage Hardware Engineering

Matt Casebolt’s Direct Reports


Dan Moll

Sr. Manager, Body Engineering

Ian Sadowski

Sr. Manager, Closures Systems

John Ring

Sr. Manager, Lighting & Exteriors

Malcolm Burgess

Sr. Manager, Structures

Michael Pilliod

Director, Manufacturing Innovation

Nicolas Clift

Manager, Exterior Systems

Scott McEuen

Sr. Manager, Mechanical Design Engineering

Sudarshan Savadi

Sr. Manager, Technical Program Manager

Thomas Fischer

Sr. Manager, Closures

Board of Directors

Elon Musk

Chairman, Product Architect and CEO

Brad W. Buss

Former CFO, SolarCity

Robyn M. Denholm

Chief Operations Officer, Telstra

Ira Ehrenpreis

Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Antonio J. Gracias

CEO, Chairman of the Investment Committee, Valor

Steve Jurvetson

Co-founder, DFJ and Future Ventures

James Murdoch

CEO, 21st Century Fox

Kimbal Musk

Co-Founder, The Kitchen

Linda Johnson Rice

CEO, Ebony Media

*It couldn’t be learned whether Charlie Kuehmann's reporting status was permanent.
†Matt Casebolt was recently removed from internal organizational chart.