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The Information’s 411 — Fleet Week

This was a busy week for the tech industry in San Francisco.

It started with the official announcement that Jack Dorsey will be the permanent CEO of Twitter. Soon after was the Vanity Fair party—the annual, if slightly uncomfortable, social mixing of tech titans and Hollywood moguls. And it ended with Fleet Week and the majestic sonic booms of F-18s as they buzz downtown skyscrapers.

In between was The Information’s first Subscriber Summit and the release of our Future List, which analyzed the diversity of the country’s biggest venture capital firms. We delved into both items in this week’s podcast.

Pete, one of our engineers and the lead on the Future List, makes his first appearance on the show to talk about how the list came together. He also explains the “power alley,” the age range when venture capitalists tend to make their best bets.

Then Amir comes on to talk about his Summit interview with Nate Blecharczyk, the co-founder of Airbnb, and Parker Conrad, the co-founder and CEO of Zenefits. They talked about how highly valued startups view the fundraising process. Amir also reflected on his roundtable discussion with subscribers about the state of the on demand economy.

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