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The People Who Matter at Delphi

Visualization by Mike Sullivan
Visualization by Mike Sullivan

Delphi Automotive, which makes mechanical and electrical parts for cars, gets less attention than its customers like GM and Ford in the race to develop autonomous vehicles. But as those automakers try to take greater control of their vehicles, potentially leaving out Delphi, the parts maker is looking for other avenues to sell its products and assert itself in the self-driving vehicle market.

One option it has discussed is working with lesser-known contract manufacturers to jointly develop and build vehicles as part of a commercial transportation service, according to two people with knowledge of the matter. Efforts like these will be led by Glen De Vos, Delphi’s chief technology officer. Mr. De Vos, a 25-year veteran of Delphi who is well-known among major self-driving car developers, is the second-most important executive at the company after Chief Executive Kevin Clark. The two are surrounded by a mix of company veterans and a few newcomers, including more than 100 recently added self-driving car engineers.

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Until then, Delphi has a slow-growing but profitable business serving primarily combustion-engine cars. It operates in the unsexy world of supplying sensors, wires and other electronic systems, and helping carmakers put those parts together. Most of its workers are employed in low-wage countries where those components are produced.

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Below are 38 top executives at Delphi, which will soon be renamed "Aptiv." The company, which has 15,000 software engineers, is seeking to make its mark in autonomous vehicles and fend off competition from big automakers, its longtime customers, in the growing field. Leading those efforts with CEO Kevin Clark is Delphi’s CTO, Glen De Vos.Last updated November 6, 2017

Kevin Clark


Kevin Clark’s Direct Reports

Glen De Vos


David Paja

Electronics & Safety

Majdi Abulaban

Electrical & Electronic Architecture

Jerome Dorlack

Electrical & Electronic Distribution Systems

Michael Gassen

EMEA President, VP Sales

William Guggina

VP, Global Operations

Joe Massaro


David Sherbin

General Counsel

Susan Suver

Human Resources

Matt Peterson

Chief Information Officer (IT)

Sidney Johnson

Supply Chain Management

Christopher Preuss

Communications & Marketing

Glenn De Vos’s Direct Reports


Jada Tapley

Advanced Engineering & External Relations

Jim Zizelman

Engineering & Internal Processes

Lee Bauer

'Smart' Vehicle Architecture

Karl Iagnemma

Autonomous Driving Software

Karl Iagnemma’s Direct Reports


Emilio Frazzoli

CTO & Chief Scientist

Gretchen Effgen

VP, Partnerships

Doug Parker


Jake Cheuvront

VP, Software

David Paja’s Direct Reports


Eran Sandhaus

VP, Autonomous Driving

Magnus Ostberg

VP, Software Engineering

Michael Pozsar

VP, Electronics

Rex Felton

VP, Global Operations

Eran Sandhaus’s Direct Reports


Dave Helton

Ottomatika Chief

Laurne Thorpe


Dave Helton’s Direct Reports


Jerrod Snider

Ottomatika, Drive Planning

Junqing Wei


Wenda Xu

Ottomatika, Drive Planning & Perception

Jerome Dorlack’s Direct Reports


Flavio Guacelli

VP, Managing Director

David Sherbin’s Direct Reports


Erica Keller

Deputy General Counsel

Susan Suver’s Direct Reports


Gilma Saravia

Corporate HR

Matt Peterson’s Direct Reports


Munir Hafez

VP, Strategy & Architecture

John Bingham

Chief Information Security Officer

Sidney Johnson’s Direct Reports


Niklas Hamnstedt

VP, Electronics & Electrical Architecture

Miguel Caulliez

VP, Strategic Sourcing

Christopher Preuss’s Direct Reports


Elena Rosman

Investor Relations

Board of Directors

Rajiv L. Gupta

Former Rohm and Haas Co. CEO

Joseph S. Cantie


Kevin P. Clark

Delphi/Aptiv CEO

Gary L. Cowger

GLC Ventures CEO

Nicholas M. Donofrio

Former IBM EVP

Mark P. Frissora

Caesars Entertainment CEO

Sean O. Mahoney

Former Goldman Sachs partner

Timothy M. Manganello

Former BorgWarner CEO

Ana G. Pinczuk


Thomas W. Sidlik

Former DaimlerChrysler executive

Bernd Wiedemann

Former Volkswagen division CEO

Lawrence A. Zimmerman

Former Xerox CFO