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The People Who Matter at Didi Chuxing

Visualization by Mike Sullivan
Visualization by Mike Sullivan

Didi Chuxing, which absorbed Uber’s China operations last year, lately has taken a page from Uber’s early management playbook. Just as Uber hired a number of Goldman Sachs bankers in its early days to work in operations, Didi has lately installed veterans of Western investment banks in key positions—including several Goldman veterans, insiders say.

Most prominent of these is Stephen Zhu, who was elevated earlier this year to oversee international expansion, marketing and public relations. Mr. Zhu is one of three company executives, along with the CEO and president, sitting on the board of directors.

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The Innovation Center is  linked to another group, the Smart Transportation Group, which is collaborating with some 20 cities on improving urban traffic management systems. It’s led by Zhang Wensong, Didi’s senior engineer, who had been the chief technology officer of Alibaba’s cloud computing. He recently hired Henry (Xianghong) Liu, a Michigan University professor, as chief scientist. Didi’s exploration of the potential for self-driving vehicles is putting more emphasis on Didi’s internal map-making team, which has over 100 employees and is led by Zhang Xian, a former assistant general manager from social network and gaming giant Tencent. The maps could form the basis for any self-driving vehicle that Didi might be developing.

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Below are 46 of the top employees at the ride-hailing company. They span operations, the biggest group, and two organizations that are gaining importance within the company—growth and autonomous vehicle research.Last updated October 30, 2017

Cheng Wei (Will)

Founder, CEO

Cheng Wei’s Direct Reports

Chen Ting


Fu Qiang

Ofo, Executive President

Huang Jieli (Jelly)

Hitch Business Unit

Wang Xin (Meryl)

Security Management

Li Jianhua (James)

Government Affairs

Pang Jimin (Jimmy)

Government Affairs

Chen Ting’s Direct Reports


Sun Shu

Regional Operations

Wang Ying (Kate)

GM of Uber

Chen Xi (Kevin)

Associate GM

Liu Yang


Zhuo Yue

Ridership and Pricing Growth

Tang Yin


Li Jinfei

User ExperienceM

Li Bo

Innovation Center

Chen Xi’s Direct Reports


Shao Tao

Vehicle Open Platform

Bernard Zhang


Fu Qiang’s Direct Reports


Tony Qiu

Premium Business Unit

Gong Xin

Chauffeur Business Unit

Yang Nan

Luxury Car Unit

Du Jincheng

Enterprise Solutions

Zhang Bo (Bob)

CTO & Acting Head of Autonomous Vehicle

Zhang Bo’s Direct Reports

Zhang Wensong

SVP of Engineering

Yu Jun

SVP Product

Pu Zheng

VP Info Security

Gong Fengmin

VP Info Security Strategy & Didi U.S. Research

Cai Xiao’ou

Efficiency Platform

Lu Ning

Quality Control

Huang Jinghong

Customer Support

Lai Chunbo

Platform Technology Team

Zhang Xian

“New Four Team” (Map Team)

Ye Jieping

Big data Team

Song Shijun

Business Intelligence

Liu Qing (Jean)


Liu Qing’s Direct Reports

Zhu Jingshi (Stephen)

VP, Corporate Strategy

Fu Junhua (Maggie)


Wu Rui

Co-Founder, Internal Legal

Yang Jun

Car Asset Management

Chen Wei (Wayne)


Stephen Zhu’s Direct Reports


Gu Tao

Didi's Brazil Team

Wang Haichen

Strategic Investment

Joan Ho

Capital Markets

Li Min

Public Relations

Sun Liang

Public Relations

Wang Jiajie (Philip)

Marketing & Branding

Liu Xiaoyu

Didi Finance

Board of Directors

Cheng Wei

Co-founder & CEO

Jean Liu


Stephen Zhu

Vice President

Adrian Perica


Jerry Yang

Board Observer & Senior Advisor

Lucy Peng

Ant Financial

Martin Lau



Boyu Capital