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The People Who Matter at Lyft

Interactive by Mike Sullivan
Interactive by Mike Sullivan

Employees at Lyft have watched with glee in recent months as rival Uber suffers from an endless series of dramas. Lyft’s business, meanwhile, has moved in the right direction. The company’s market share has inched up versus Uber in several major cities, while its cost of acquiring new customers has fallen. An IPO is expected as soon as next year, according to people involved in the business, if it continues to narrow its losses. (See where in the U.S. Lyft has gained on Uber here.)

But as Lyft has grown, nearly doubling its employee count to more than 1,800 from about 1,000 a year ago, it is feeling some of the ill effects of becoming a big company. Decision-making and collaboration are both becoming harder, due to communication barriers between different teams and the growing number of employees who must attend meetings.

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The problem is there aren’t enough cars to meet demand, and there is a waiting list of thousands of people, said a person briefed about it. That’s why Lyft is now looking at ways to gain access to tens or hundreds of thousands of vehicles it could lease to drivers on a short-term basis, this person said. It’s unclear whether the cost of the cars would sit on Lyft’s balance sheet and how it would finance them, but the company is preparing to manage large fleets, this person said.

—Jessica E. Lessin contributed to this article.

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Ruchi Sanghvi
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Below are 104 of the top employees at the ride-hailing company, including operations (the biggest group) and two organizations that are gaining importance within the company—growth and autonomous vehicle research.Last updated August 14, 2017

Logan Green


Logan Green’s Direct Reports

Ran Makavy

EVP, Rideshare Technology

Raj Kapoor

Chief Strategy Officer

Brian Roberts


Chris Lambert

Chief Technology Officer

Rex Tibbens


Peter Sauer

Chief of Staff

Ran Makavy’s Direct Reports


Peter Morelli

VP of Engineering

Tali Rapaport

VP of Product

George Xing

Director of Analysis

Sigal Bareket

Director, Growth Marketing

Peter Morelli’s Direct Reports


Luc Vincent

VP of Engineering & Autonomous Engineering

Carlos Whitt

Director of Engineering

Siwei Shen

Director of Engineering

Guy Bayes

Head of Data Engineering

Nicholas Chamandy

Head of Data Science

Jill Wetzler

Director of Engineering

Eran Davidoff

Director of Engineering

Jason Rosenfeld

Software Engineering

Jeffrey Pinner

Software Engineering

Mike Johnson

Chief Information Security Officer

Amy Farrow

Director, Technical Program Management

Luc Vincent’s Direct Reports


Anantha Kancherla

Head of Autonomous Software

Romain Clement

Head of Autonomous Hardware

Jess Gams

Director of Engineering

George Snelling

Director of Engineering

Balaji Raghaven

Director of Engineering

Ramesh Sarukkai

Director of Engineering

Tali Rapaport’s Direct Reports


Taggart Matthiesen

Director of Product, Autonomous

Frank Yoo

Director of UX Design

Mark Peters

Director of Product Management

Kevin Fan

Director of Product Management

Ben Lauzier


Vaibhav Goel

Product Manager

Thad Hwang

Product Manager, Passenger Experience

Justin Toupin

Director of Product

Erbil Karaman

Director of Product Management

Benjamin Shanken

Product Manager

Dor Levi

Product Manager

Carlos Bueno

Product Manager

Udi Milo

Product Manager

George Wang

Product Manager

Sigal Bareket’s Direct Reports


Nicholas Rozzi

Manager, Driver Engagement

David Mausolf

Senior Manager, Online Marketing

Nick Allen

Head of Engagement

Nick Butson-Wedewer

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Melissa Hamilton

Marketing Manager, Driver Engagement

Jeffrey Oyang

Growth Marketing Manager

Justin Parker

Head of Passenger Engagement

Pete Spangler

Growth Marketing Analyst

Laura Militello

Marketing Manager, Driver Engagement

Brian Roberts’ Direct Reports


Kate Sampson

VP of Risk Solutions

Younggi Choi

Corporate Finance & Strategy

Elena Artunian

VP, Controller

Vikram Naidu

Head of FP&A

John Pham

Director, Procurement

Johan Dowdy

Head of IT

Nancy Losey

Head of Office Operations

Rex Tibbens’ Direct Reports


Alix Rosenthal

VP of Compliance

Brian Hsu

VP of Supply

Ashwin Raj

VP of Payments and Fraud Operations

Mary Winfield

VP of Customer Experience and Trust

Woody Hartman

VP of Operations

Kristen Quinn

Senior Director, Emerging Businesses

Shalia Parikh

Director, Operations Strategy

John Zimmer


John Zimmer’s Direct Reports

Ron Storn

VP of People

Kristin Sverchek

General Counsel

David Baga

Chief Business Officer

Joseph Okpaku

VP of Government Relations

Melissa Waters

VP of Marketing

Ron Storn’s Direct Reports


Tariq Meyers

Inclusion & Diversity Manager

Kate Botler

Head of Business Recruiting

Linsey Jackson

Head of Technical Recruiting

Stacie Sternberg

Head of Compensation & Benefits

Uli Heitzlhofer

Head of Learning & Development

Julia Riessen

HR for Tech Org

Jacky Cohen

Head for Business Org

Dianna Andrade

People Communications Lead

Kristin Sverchek’s Direct Reports


Lindsay Llewelyn

Associate General Counsel

Matt Reagan

Associate General Counsel

Nair Flores

Managing Counsel, IP

Loni Manhata

Managing Counsel, Employment

David Le

Managing Counsel, Corporate & Commercial

David Baga’s Direct Reports


Gyre Renwick

Head of Sales, Government Education, Healthcare and Transit

Amy Fox

Director of Partnership

Veronica Juarez

Head of Enterprise Initiatives

Amit Patel

Director, Enterprise Partnerships

Brinn Sanders

Regional Vice President, West

Jerry Simonson

Sales Strategy and Ops Manager

Benjamin Sternsmith

Area Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Mike De Jesus

Head of Client Services

Samantha Goldman

Head of Enterprise Marketing

Amanda McDermott

Enterprise Team Coordinator

Joseph Okpaku’s Direct Reports


Rob Grant

Senior Director of Policy

Emily Castor

Director, Transportation Policy

David Mack

Senior Director, Public Affairs

Lauren Belive

Senior Federal Government Relations Manager

Karinne Kleinbort

Government Relations Specialist

Melissa Waters’ Direct Reports


Will Valentine

VP of Communications

Becca Lawson

VP of Brand Marketing

Jesse McMillin

VP, Creative Director

Komal Kirtikar

Head of Product Marketing

Kristine Greiwe

Director, Consumer & Market Insights

Board of Directors

Logan Green

Co-Founder & CEO

John Zimmer

Co-Founder & President

Dan Ammann

GM President

Jonathan Christodoro

Icahn Capital's Appointee

Sean Aggarwal

Investor and Former Trulia CFO

Hiroshi Mikitani


Ann Miura-Ko

Floodgate Fund

Valerie Jarrett

Former White House Official

There aren’t enough cars to meet demand. That’s why Lyft is now looking at ways to gain access to tens or hundreds of thousands of vehicles it could lease to drivers on a short-term basis.