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The People Who Matter at Snap

Photos by Snap, Bloomberg. Visualization by Ian Civgin.
Photos by Snap, Bloomberg. Visualization by Ian Civgin.

After some turmoil at senior levels of Snapchat’s parent Snap last year, things have stabilized considerably this year. Most of the crucial management roles have now been filled, in time for the company’s expected IPO in early 2017.

Earlier this year Snap made interim CFO Drew Vollero permanent, reporting to CEO Evan Spiegel instead of Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan, as Mr. Vollero had been doing. It also hired veteran ad salesman Jeff Lucas away from Viacom to be head of sales, a position unfilled since the departure of Mike Randall in early 2015.

And yet, the youth of the company is reflected in the ad hoc nature of its organizational structure, detailed in this graphic.

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Below are the 51 top executives at Snap, many who operate outside the public spotlight. They include a new engineering chief, Jerry Hunter, Peter Sellis who oversees popular ads like sponsored geofilters as well as new members of the board of directors like former Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley.
Last updated August 30, 2018

Evan Spiegel


Evan Spiegel’s Direct Reports

Imran Khan

Chief Strategy Officer

Tim Stone


Bobby Murphy

CTO & Research

Jerry Hunter


Steve LaBella


Sahil Sharma

VP of Engineering (Hardware)

Michael O'Sullivan

General Counsel

Nick Bell

Head of Content

Jacob Andreou

VP of Product

Mary Ritti


Imran Khan’s Direct Reports


Steve Horowitz

VP of Technology

Claire Valoti

VP of International Business Solutions

Kristen O'Hara

Head of US Sales

Clement Xue

Revenue Operations

Radhika Kakkar

VP of Global Online Sales

Philippe Browning

Ad Operations and Real Estate

Steve Hwang

Corporate Development and Strategy

Peter Sellis

Revenue Product

Kristen O'Hara’s Direct Reports


Brett Wein

Head of East Coast Business

Luke Kallis

Head of West Coast Business

Sharon Silverstein

Head of Central US Business

Kristen O'Hara’s Direct Reports


Kathryn Carter

GM, Australia Sales

Emmanuel Durand

GM, France Sales

Marianne Bullwinkel

GM, Germany Sales

Ed Couchman

GM, UK Sales

Clement Xue’s Direct Reports


Ali Rana


Tim Stone’s Direct Reports


Jason Halbert

Talent Lead

Jason Halbert’s Direct Reports


Ona Teerikorpi

Recruiting Lead

Jerry Hunter’s Direct Reports


Hein Roehrig

Director of Engineering

Rong Yan

Director of Engineering

Karl D'Adamo

Director of Engineering

Kevin Seng

Director of Engineering

Farnaz Azmoodeh

Director of Engineering

Sahil Sharma’s Direct Reports


Seshadri Tangutur

Director of Engineering

Michael O'Sullivan’s Direct Reports


Dominic Perella

Deputy General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Katherine Tassi

Associate General Counsel, Privacy

Nick Bell’s Direct Reports


Ben Schwerin

Head of Partnerships

Sean Mills

Creative Head for Live Stories

Josh Stone


Peter Hamby

Head of News

Charlotte Palermino

Discover Creative

David Brinker

Business Development Content Leader

Peter Hamby’s Direct Reports


Katy Byron

Managing Editor News/Local

Mary Ritti’s Direct Reports


Russ Caditz-Peck

Revenue/Ad Monetization

Shannon Kelly


Noah Edwardsen


Rachel Racusen


Kevin Galvin


Quick Facts

  • Multiple offices in the US, UK, Western Europe and Australia
  • Has received investments from both Alibaba and Tencent
  • Post-money paper valuation of $18 billion, mid-2016
  • Equity funding: ~$2.5 billion

Board of Directors

Michael Lynton

CEO Sony Pictures Entertainment

Evan Spiegel

CEO Snapchat

Bobby Murphy

CTO Snapchat

Mitch Lasky

Partner, Benchmark Capital

Joanna Coles

Chief Content Officer, Hearst Corp

Stan Meresman

Independent Director

A.G. Lafley

Former CEO, Procter & Gamble

Thomas Laffont

Coatue Management


Scott Miller

CEO of SSA & Co.

Chris Young

CEO of McAfee

Absent from the board are representatives of investors Alibaba and Tencent, which have each put hundreds of millions of dollars into the company. That reflects Mr. Spiegel’s desire to not bring any potential competitors into the boardroom, says a person familiar with his thinking.