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The People With Power at Amazon

Visualization by Mike Sullivan
Visualization by Mike Sullivan

As has diversified into everything from cloud services to movie production, its management team has remained remarkably stable. About a dozen of CEO Jeff Bezos’ top lieutenants have remained by his side for at least the last decade, and many for longer. That continuity has helped the company grow into new business areas.

Consider this: Mr. Bezos’ roughly 17-person senior team, known internally as the S-team, has an average tenure at Amazon of about 15 years, most of the company’s 23-year lifespan. That’s a rare degree of allegiance for a large group of executives, particularly at a technology company. Google, which has been around almost has long, has had a lot more turnover among its senior management, by comparison.

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Below are the top 58 executives at Amazon. The secretive company has been public for 20 years but its management structure is not widely known. The executives include Jeff Bezos's direct reports, and a core group called the S-team that collaborates with Mr. Bezos on strategy and big decisions.
Last updated December 4, 2017

Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos’s Direct Reports

Jeff Blackburn

SVP of Business Development


Jeff Wilke

CEO of Worldwide Consumer


Andy Jassy



David Limp

SVP of Devices


Brian Olsavsky



David Zapolsky

General Counsel


Jay Carney

SVP of Corporate Affairs


Beth Galetti

SVP of Human Resources


Diego Piacentini

Currently On Leave


Jeffrey Helbling

Shadow/ Technical Advisor

Jeff Blackburn’s Direct Reports


Peter Krawiec

VP of Worldwide Corporate Development

David Shearer

VP of Worldwide Corporate Development

Paul Kotas

SVP of Worldwide Advertising


Jennifer Salke

Head of Amazon Studios

Greg Hart

VP of Worldwide Video

Col Needham

Founder & CEO of IMDb

Dan Jedda

VP of Business Development Finance

Steve Boom

VP of Digital Music

Jeff Wilkes’s Direct Reports


Doug Herrington

SVP North American Retail


Russell Grandinetti

SVP International Consumer


Steven Kessel



Dave Clark

SVP of Worldwide Operations & Consumer Service


Pat Bajari

VP and Chief Economist

Neil Lindsay

VP of Prime and Worldwide Marketing

Gur Kimchi

VP of Prime Air

Chee Chew

VP of Consumer Engagement

Dave Treadwell

VP of E-Commerce Foundation

Sarah Jane Gunter

Technical Advisor

Tony Hseih

CEO Consumer G&A

Russell Grandinetti’s Direct Reports


Amit Agarwal

SVP & India Head

Andy Jassy’s Direct Reports


Charlie Bell



Mike Clayville

VP of Worldwide Commercial Sales & Business Development

Pete Desantis

VP of Infrastructure

Werner Vogels


Teresa Carlson

VP of Worldwide Public Sector

James Hamilton

VP & Distinguished Engineer

Ariel Kelman

VP of Worldwide Marketing for AWS

Michael Frazzini

VP of Games Studios

Emmett Shear

CEO of Twitch

Adam Bosworth


Alex Yung

VP of AWS China

Stephen Schmidt

VP of Security Engineering

Scott Wiltamuth


Brent Jaye

VP of AWS Support

Brian Olsavsky’s Direct Reports


Shelley Reynolds

VP, Worldwide Controller & Principal Accounting Officer

Sean Boyle


Tim Stone

VP of Finance for Physical Stores

John Felton

VP of Finance Worldwide Operations

Dave Stephenson

CFO for Worldwide Consumer Business

Jason Warnick

VP of Finance, Head of HR

Allen Parker

VP of Finance for Devices

David Limp’s Direct Reports


Tom Taylor

Head of Alexa Experiences & Devices


Gregg Zher

President of Lab 126

Jay Carney’s Direct Reports


Brian Huseman

VP of Public Policy

Paul Misener

VP of Global Innovation Policy & Communications

Christina Lee

Head of Worldwide Consumer PR

Craig Berman

Head of PR for Amazon Studios

Drew Herdener

VP, Global Corporate & Operations Communications

Board of Directors

Jeff Bezos


Tom Alberg

Managing director of Madrona Venture Group

John Seely Brown

Visiting scholar and advisor to the Provost at University of Southern California

Jamie Gorelick

Partner at WilmerHale

Daniel Huttenlocher

Dean at Cornell University

Judith McGrath

President of Astronauts Wanted

Thomas O Ryder

Former chairman of Reader's Digest

Jonathan Rubinstein

Former Co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates

Patricia Stonesifer

President and CEO of Martha's Table

Wendell Weeks

CEO of Corning