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The People With Power at Facebook

Photos by Bloomberg, AP. Source: The Information
Photos by Bloomberg, AP. Source: The Information

The exit doors at Facebook keep swinging. This week, the company’s head of product communications Rachel Whetstone announced she was leaving to take a role at Netflix. The week prior, Dan Rose, the company’s longtime head of business partnerships, said he will be gone by early next year, joining four other senior Facebook executives who have left recently or said they will leave.

While each departure has unique circumstances, Facebook’s leaders faced extraordinary pressure over the past year, as the company was battered by criticism about its data privacy practices, the spread of misinformation and the social network’s overall impact on society. As he seeks to weather the storm, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is likely to lean more heavily than ever on the roughly 100 senior Facebook executives in this chart compiled by The Information. The chart identifies a smaller coterie of trusted leaders—known internally as the M-team—that Mr. Zuckerberg turns to for counsel.   

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Below are the top 100 executives at Facebook. They are responsible for running high-profile online services such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook itself, along with advertising, technical infrastructure, legal and other functions. A select group of senior leaders called the M-team advises CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Last updated August 29, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO & Chairman


Mark Zuckerberg’s Direct Reports

Javier Olivan

VP, Growth


Chris Cox



Mike Schroepfer



Sheryl Sandberg



David Wehner



Javier Olivan’s Direct Reports


Alex Schultz

VP, Growth Marketing & Analytics

Mark Rabkin

VP, Ads & Business Platform


Naomi Gleit

VP, Social Good


David Wei

VP, Engineering

Naomi Gleit’s Direct Reports


Guy Rosen

VP, Product Management

Chris Cox’s Direct Reports


Stan Chudnovsky

VP, Messenger


Chris Daniels

Head of WhatsApp


Kevin Systrom

CEO, Instagram


Will Cathcart

VP, Product Management, Core App


Gary Briggs*


Stan Chudnovsky’s Direct Reports


Loredana Crisan

Director, Product Design & UX Research

Raymond Endres

VP, Engineering

Luc Levesque

Head of Youth Products

Jay Sullivan

Product Management, AI (M)

Chris Daniels’ Direct Reports


Matthew Idema

COO, WhatsApp

Kevin Systrom’s Direct Reports


Adam Mosseri

VP, Product, Instagram


Mike Krieger

CTO, Instagram

Ian Spalter

Head of Design, Instagram

Marne Levine

COO, Instagram


Will Cathcart’s Direct Reports


Fidji Simo

VP, Product for Video, Games & Advertising

Deborah Liu

VP, Marketplace


John Hegeman

VP, Newsfeed Engineering

Julie Zhuo

VP, Product Design

Tom Alison

VP, Engineering

Kang-Xing Jin’s Direct Reports


Monica Adractas

Global Director, Customer Growth, Workplace

Lesley Young

Global Director of Sales, Workplace

Catherine Flynn

Global Director of Marketing, Workplace

Ranwa Sarkis

Global Director of Operations, Workplace

Mike Schroepfer’s Direct Reports


Jay Parikh

VP, Engineering & Infrastructure


Jerome Pesenti


David Marcus

VP, Blockchain


Andrew Bosworth



Margaret Stewart

VP, Product Design

Jay Parikh’s Direct Reports


Thomas Furlong

VP, Infrastructure (data centers)

Najam Ahmad

VP, Network Engineering

Jason Taylor

VP, Infrastructure Foundation

David Mortenson

VP, Engineering

Yael Maguire

VP, Connectivity

Nam Nguyen

VP, Engineering

Pedro Canahuati

VP, Production Engineering & Security

Dan Rabinovitsj

VP, Connectivity

Jerome Pesenti’s Direct Reports


Yann LeCun

VP, Chief AI Scientist

Joaquin Quiñonero Candela

Director of Engineering, Applied Machine Learning

David Marcus’ Direct Reports


Kevin Weil

VP, Product, Blockchain

Morgan Beller

Head of Strategy, Blockchain

James Everingham

Head of Engineering, Blockchain

Christina Smedley

Head of Brand & Marketing, Blockchain

Tomer Barel

VP, Risk & Operations, Blockchain

Andrew Bosworth’s Direct Reports


Hugo Barra


Ficus Kirkpatrick

Engineering Director, Camera AR

Rachel Franklin

Head of Social, VR

Colan Sewell

VP, Global Sales AR/VR

Rebecca Van Dyck


Rafael Camargo

Head of Product Engineering, Building 8

Michael Abrash

Oculus Chief Scientist & Head of Research

Shahriar (Sha) Rabii, VP

Head of Silicon

Sheryl Sandberg’s Direct Reports


Lori Goler

VP, People


David Fischer

VP, Business & Marketing Partnerships


Dan Rose*

VP, Partnerships


Elliot Schrage*

VP, Communications & Public Policy


Justin Osofsky

VP, Global Operations, Program Management, Integrations


Colin Stretch*

VP & General Counsel

Lori Goler’s Direct Reports


Janelle Gale

VP, Human Resources

Maxine Williams

Global Chief Diversity Officer

Brynn Harrington

Director, People Growth

Tudor Havriliuc

VP, Human Resources for Compensation & Benefits

Miranda Kalinowski

Global Head, Recruitment

David Fischer’s Direct Reports


Carolyn Everson

VP, Global Marketing Solutions

Dan Levy

VP, Small Business

Brad Smallwood

VP, Measurements & Insights

Joel Jones

VP, Sales Planning & Operations

Brian Boland

VP, Publisher Solutions

Mark D’Arcy

VP, Global Business Marketing & Chief Creative Officer

Ty Ahmad-Taylor

VP, Product Marketing

Dan Rose’s Direct Reports


Ime Archibong

VP, Partnerships

Amin Zoufonoun

VP, Corporate Development

Francisco Varela

VP, Mobile Partnerships

Nick Grudin

VP, Media Partnerships

Ash Jhaveri

VP, Business Development

Sean Ryan

VP, Business Platform Partnerships

Elliot Schrage’s Direct Reports


Rachel Whetstone*

VP, Corporate Communications

Joel Kaplan

VP, Global Public Policy

Erin Egan

VP & Chief Privacy Officer

Caryn Marooney

VP, Technology Communications


Colin Stretch’s Direct Reports


David Kling

VP, Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Secretary

Allen Lo

VP & Deputy General Council, IP

Chris Sonderby

VP & Deputy General Council

Paul Grewal

VP, Deputy General Counsel, Litigation

Allison Mull

VP, Deputy General Counsel

Ashlie Beringer

VP & Deputy General Counsel, Regulatory, Product & Privacy Legal Team

David Wehner’s Direct Reports


Susan Li

VP, Finance


Susan Taylor

Chief Accounting Officer

Deborah Crawford

VP, Investor Relations

Atish Banerjea

Chief Information Officer

John Tenanes

VP, Facilities, Culinary, Security

Atish Banerjea’s Direct Reports


Anil Wilson

VP, Enterprise Engineering

Nimrod Hoofien

Director of Engineering

Steven Ruggiero

Director of IT Operations

* Has announced plans to leave Facebook
Note: List of M-team members is not comprehensive

Quick Facts

  • Facebook has 30,275 total employees as of June 30, 2018
  • 2.23 billion active monthly users
  • Mark Zuckerberg has 53.3% of shareholder voting power

Board of Directors

Mark Zuckerberg

CEO & Chairman, Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg

COO, Facebook

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder and General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Erskine Bowles

President Emeritus, University of North Carolina

Kenneth Chenault

Chairman and a Managing Director, General Catalyst

Susan Desmond-Hellmann

CEO, The Gates Foundation

Reed Hastings

CEO, Netflix

Peter Thiel

President, Thiel Capital

Jeffrey Zients

CEO, Cranemere Group Limited