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Travis Kalanick in San Francisco in 2018. Photo by Bloomberg.
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Travis Kalanick Looks to China for CloudKitchens Expansion

Photo: Travis Kalanick in San Francisco in 2018. Photo by Bloomberg.

Travis Kalanick is trying again in China. The former Uber CEO’s latest startup, kitchen-rental firm CloudKitchens, has quietly acquired six Chinese startups this year as he looks to expand the business into a global leader.

Earlier this year, Kalanick bought a Shanghai-based startup called Jike Alliance, one of the leading players in China’s kitchen-rental market, based on its number of tenants and revenue, according to the startup’s co-founder. Kalanick’s team also has bought five other kitchen and property-related companies in Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu, according to China’s corporate registries and people familiar with the matter. It could not be learned how much Kalanick paid for the companies. 

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