‘I’m Like a Guinea Pig—I’ll Take Anything’: An Explosion of Supplements Hits Tech’s Kitchen CountersRead Now

Tune in to Hear Where The Information is Headed Next

Today is a big day for The Information. It’s our San Francisco Subscriber Summit and I can’t wait to hear from some of the biggest names in tech on our stage.

I’ve also decided to take my column live this week and will be giving a keynote presentation at our Summit that talks about our business over the past year, our views about the future of the media industry, and yes, some breaking news about new products coming from The Information.

You can tune in via Facebook Live here and here. The show starts at about 8:35 am PT.  

Jessica Lessin founded The Information in 2013 after reporting on Silicon Valley for eight years for the Wall Street Journal. She regularly writes about all things tech, media and the wild ride both industries are in for. She can be found on Twitter at @jessicalessin.

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