Watch Our New Docuseries PRESSED

I'm thrilled to share that our new video series PRESSED is available for your viewing pleasure at starting today. 

PRESSED, which consists of five episodes of around 10 minutes each, follows five journalism startups in their quest to build new news outlets at a time when many people believe quality journalism is dying. It was written and directed by Matt Vascellaro and produced with help from our team at The Information. 

PRESSED explores an issue very close to my heart—how journalism can not just survive but thrive as it is under attack from the world's most influential leaders and businesses. 

As I watched it again last night during our premiere in San Francisco, I was reminded how much has changed in the news industry since January of this year when PRESSED was filmed.

Back then, publishers were concerned that Facebook was deprioritizing news in NewsFeed. Now, as the extent of the manipulation of platforms like Facebook and YouTube has become more clear, the conversation between media and tech has turned even more negative and Washington has gotten involved. 

While about media, PRESSED explores themes relevant to all entrepreneurs, inside and outside the news business. They include how to make important product decisions, strategies for raising money and how to build out a team. I am grateful to those who agreed to appear in the series including Facebook's Fidji Simo, O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly, Homebrew's Satya Patel and many others. 

I am also incredibly grateful to and proud of the journalists featured in PRESSED—Ashley Woods, Beniamino Pagliaro, Richard Rushfield, YuChing Lu, Michael Chou and David Bank. One year in, all are thriving. 

I hope that you enjoy following their incredible personal stories and publications as much as I have. 


Jessica Lessin founded The Information in 2013 after reporting on Silicon Valley for eight years for the Wall Street Journal. She regularly writes about all things tech, media and the wild ride both industries are in for. She can be found on Twitter at @jessicalessin.

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