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Welcome to the 3-Day Office Week: The Information’s Tech Briefing

This week seemed the perfect time to ask our subscribers about their plans to return to the office. 

While tech companies are starting to mark their calendars for when some employees head back to the workplace, Mark Zuckerberg’s expectation that half of Facebook employees will work remotely in five to 10 years seemed to draw a line in the sand. 

As Cory and Alex write, Facebook has rarely shied from taking a tactical advantage. Offering premium engineers the chance to work near ski slopes and beaches could give it an edge in the talent wars if others don’t follow. Will more big tech companies feel the pressure to adapt?

The jury is out on the answer. We do know that Google CEO Sundar Pichai is far less enthusiastic about the idea. Our readers are nearly split. Some 37% of respondents to the latest The Information survey said they’d prefer to work from home permanently if their company gave them the option. Some 44% said they would not.