Kalanick’s Mother Killed in Accident


This is very sad news but the story describes a nice memory of Mrs Kalanick, with an excerpt from an earlier account about Travis’ origins. –Martin

Apple Working On Chip To Boost AI Performance On Devices


This story shows how Apple plans to counteract the industry perception that it’s falling behind in AI. What it doesn’t mention is that Apple has good reason to build an AI chip because it introduced deep learning software in iOS 10 last year. Processing AI on devices is the new battleground for mobile companies, and it’s one area where Apple, at least for now, may be ahead of Google. –Kevin

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China-Backed Fund Makes Nissan Battery Bid


This a fascinating example of the growing impact of China’s government guidance funds, a group of nearly 1,000 funds with a targeted size of nearly $500 billion with money from local and central governments. Most act like funds of funds and put requirements, such as improving the local economy, when they give money. That could explain why GSR Capital wants to move some Nissan battery production to the province of Hubei, whose government is one of its backers. –Shai

Google Fiber Plans Price Hike for Kansas City Customers

(The Kansas City Star)

Kansas City was the first market to get Google Fiber back in 2012, and its citizens rejoiced. Now, it’s safe to say that the party is over. After canceling customer installations in March without explanation, Google Fiber now plans to charge Kansas City customers more for its Internet/TV bundle. This could cause some customers to explore alternatives. –Kevin