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Secret Service’s Facial Recognition Plans Draw Scrutiny From ACLU

The U.S. Secret Service plans to test the use of facial recognition to keep track of “subjects of interest” around the White House, according to this report from the American Civil Liberties Union, which based its findings on documents from the Department of Homeland Security. 

This is the latest way the ACLU is drawing attention to the dangers of unregulated usage of facial recognition. The ACLU also opposes the DHS’s use of facial recognition in airports and is calling for Amazon’s cloud unit, Amazon Web Services, to stop selling the technology to law enforcement agencies. 

As for the Secret Service, the key question is whether its use of facial recognition will extend beyond the White House grounds and onto nearby sidewalks. The ACLU seems to think it will, and says this opens the door for the government to conduct broader mass surveillance of citizens. 


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