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CBS’s Pop TV Saves ‘One Day at a Time’

“One Day at a Time” will live on after all. Future seasons of the niche but beloved former Netflix comedy will air on Pop TV, a cable channel owned by CBS. 

“One Day at a Time,” which is produced by Sony, ran for three seasons on Netflix before being cancelled in March. Now, beginning in 2020, the fourth season of the show, and any seasons beyond that, will air on Pop. Netflix, meanwhile, keeps its rights to stream the first three seasons, and as part of the Pop TV deal, CBS will air future seasons after they finish up on Pop.

Cancelling “One Day at a Time” drew social media ire for Netflix, but it remains to be seen how big a black eye it will be for the company. While Netflix usually buys all rights to a show by paying studios a hefty premium, CBS-owned Pop has licensed “One Day at a Time” from Sony using the more traditional revenue model that allows Sony to recoup some of its production costs by selling international rights. 

If a show like “One Day at a Time,” which is popular in the Latinx community and stands to do well in Spanish-speaking markets, earns more revenue via a cable deal and the sale of international rights than Netflix is paying, the streaming service may soon find itself with fewer shows produced by premium suppliers. 

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