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Facebookers Reckoning With the Leaks

This isn’t so much a business story as a cultural one about how Facebook employees are dealing with all the public scrutiny. But it’s illuminating. Yesterday an internal memo from 2016 written by a top Facebook executive leaked. The memo’s author said its tone (which advocated connectivity at all costs) was intended to provoke rather than lay out true beliefs. But the leak was important enough for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to issue a response saying he disagreed with it. This story from The Verge shows how Facebookers are annoyed with the fact that fellow employees have leaked info and the recrimination around it. It was inevitable that Facebook employees would feel defensive given how anti-Facebook the narrative has been. Plus, being secretive is core to corporate culture in tech. The test for Facebook is whether it will take this opportunity to reform in a way that regains public confidence or whether it turns evermore inward. This story shows that that battle is playing out.


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