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Ex-Uber Exec Levandowski Unveils Truck-Driver Assistance Startup

Former Uber executive Anthony Levandowski is officially back with a new company focused on semi-trailer trucks.

On Tuesday he unveiled, which aims to sell a software and hardware kit to truck fleets to make their vehicles drive drive more safely. While the company is developing software to allow a vehicle to drive itself—Levandowski claimed Pronto software drove a Prius coast to coast on highways, without him needing to take over the wheel—first it will sell an “advanced driver assistance system” that requires a human driver to be alert and monitor the driving. (The Guardian’s report has more.) Pronto’s product helps with things like lane keeping, cruise control and collision avoidance. In other words, it is more like Tesla’s Autopilot than it is like Waymo’s robotaxis. Given the continued challenge of transporting human passengers in self-driving car prototypes, tackling truck driving makes sense.

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