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TaskUs Raises $250 Million for Content Moderation Services

It appears that there is at least one industry benefitting greatly from all the fake news and misinformation plaguing the social media giants: outsourced content reviewers. One data point for that is TaskUs, which announced Thursday that it has raised $250 million from the Blackstone Group. While it does other outsourcing tasks, about 40% of its business comes from selling outsourced content moderation and AI technology to clients that include many social media companies, executives told TechCrunch. It’s an interesting market to watch. While the fake news issue hits companies like Facebook and Twitter negatively, it could have the opposite effect on startups that look to address (and make money off of) the problem. Facebook, for one, has said it alone plans to hire 10,000 people to handle security, including content moderation, over the next year (that includes outsourcing, as well as hiring internally). 

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