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FiveThirtyEight Moves Over to ABC News

For FiveThirtyEight it looks like there’s no place like home. That’s the charitable reading of the news that FiveThirtyEight is going to be moving from ESPN to ABC News, after Disney shopped the site around. The less charitable one is that Disney, after testing the market, couldn’t find any serious buyers for it. That may not be too surprising. Although the site had build a reputation for its data journalism and political analysis, it never generated huge traffic outside of election time. This story reports that the company was losing $6 million a year on revenue of $3 million. In the end FiveThirtyEight does probably fit better into ABC News’ umbrella than ESPN. No doubt ESPN, which is under pressure from cord-cutting and rising sports rights costs, is happy to take a money-losing property off its balance sheet.

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