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Instagram Co-Founders Push Back on Warren’s Tech Breakup Plan

If she is elected U.S. president, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren said last week that she’ll appoint regulators to unwind Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, among other efforts to check the power of big tech companies. Instagram’s co-founders made clear Monday they don’t think much of her proposals. “My fear is that something like the proposal to break up all big tech is playing on the current feeling of anti-tech rather than doing what politicians should do, which is address real problems and provide real solutions,” Kevin Systrom said in an on stage interview at the SXSW festival in Austin, where he appeared with Instagram’s other co-founder Mike Krieger.

The two men left Instagram last year amid reports over tensions with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who had taken a more active role in running the photo-sharing service. But at SXSW, Mr. System said he and Mr. Krieger were the ones pushing to generate more revenue from Instagram and that the service’s integration with Facebook was a natural byproduct of its success. “In some ways there being less autonomy is a function of Instagram winning,” Mr. Systrom said.

The duo still aren’t ready to talk about what they’re going to do next, with Mr. Krieger saying he has started meeting with entrepreneurs and others. Both men, he said, are “giving ourselves the time to be curious about things again” before starting another venture.

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