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Comcast Partners With Netflix to Bundle Subscriptions

For years Netflix and Comcast were bitter enemies, now they can’t seem to get enough of each other. This partnership will let Comcast customers pay for their Netflix subscription as part of their monthly bill. It follows a deal the two struck in 2016 where people could access Netflix through Comcast’s (Emmy award winning) X1 box. That was a big deal for Netflix as it instantly put its service on millions of new devices and may have helped give it a second wind for growth in the US. Comcast didn’t say what kind of plans (broadband, television or both) it was going to make this new offer available for. But it’s hard to see this bill bundling giving Netflix the same kind of boost the X1 deal did, though it can’t hurt. Comcast has been trying to bundle as many services as possible into its bill, with add-on offerings like wireless service, home security and telephones. That’s part of the larger play here from the cable company. For Netflix’s part, so long as it’s getting full freight for each subscriber, they’re happy to do the deal. 

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