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Tech Companies Oppose Using AI to Identify Repeat Offenders

A group of advocacy groups and tech companies–including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook–published a report calling for the government to draw up regulations to cover the use of AI in law enforcement. Their view is that the AI algorithms police use to determine whether people who’ve committed crimes will be repeat offenders, and to determine whether they should receive bail or parole, aren’t well-understood and may not be accurate. 

This echoes the controversy over whether law enforcement should be selling facial recognition technology to police departments, given the ease with which the technology could be used to violate people’s civil rights and the absence of regulations governing its use. While Microsoft and Google have pledged to hold off on releasing general-purpose facial recognition products until these issues are addressed, Amazon is continuing to sell this kind of software to law enforcement, reckoning that it is up to customers to follow the law.  

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