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Facebook AI

Beware Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘AI Solutionism’

In testifying before Congress in the past two days, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed to the company’s artificial intelligence technology as a solution to its content-moderation woes. In this article, BuzzFeed picks that argument apart, talking to AI researchers about the low likelihood that their systems will be able to understand hate speech with five to 10 years. the other problem is “there is a tendency to want to see AI as a neutral moral authority”… but “we also know that human biases can creep into data sets and algorithms. Algorithms can be wrong, and there needs to be recourse,” Georgia Tech AI researcher Mark Riedl told BuzzFeed. Going forward, you can expect to see Facebook doing a lot more public relations around its AI work as a ground-breaking solution to many problems we find with the internet. Skepticism is necessary.

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