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BuzzFeed’s CEO Says Facebook Should Pay for News

Add Jonah Peretti to the chorus of execs who think Facebook should pay up to media companies. His argument is more nuanced than the crowd (led by Rupert Murdoch) who think Facebook should straight up pay news organizations in a carriage fee-type model. Instead he said it’s about maintaining high quality content on NewsFeed and copying the model that they’ve set up elsewhere like Watch where they share revenue with the creators of high quality content. He also says it could be a wise strategic maneuver on Facebook’s part to avoid regulation—that may be putting too much stock in our government being functional enough to pull that off. The rest of the interview has good insights into why BuzzFeed missed revenue expectations (too difficult to scale the business of creating TV-like commercials for brands) and whether it’s committed to news (yes). He also suggests that BuzzFeed News may introduce a partial paywall, though not to the detriment of democracy.


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