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Trump Hates Amazon

Guess who’s not Prime on Amazon? Axios explains that while the rest of Washington may be hopping mad about Facebook and its data scandal, President Trump’s ire is singularly focused on Amazon and Jeff Bezos. There is a bit of a contradiction laid out here: The story suggests that Mr. Trump is upset about Amazon’s impact on mom-and-pop retailers. But then it says he’s compelled to take action because Amazon has hurt his wealthy friends who own big-box retail chains and shopping malls.  The bottom line, of course, is that Mr. Trump perceives his real enemy to be the media, aka the Washington Post, aka its owner Jeff Bezos. So far Amazon has avoided getting caught up in the anti-tech furor that’s swept through D.C., but that could change if Mr. Trump continues to fixate on the topic. Amazon, whose shares fell 4.4% Wednesday, is no doubt hoping that the president gets distracted by another matter before he goes too far down this road. 

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