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Real Estate

WeWork’s ‘Cities’ Team Departs

WeWork has bigger problems right now than figuring out how to fix cities, so it isn’t a shock that one of the company’s latest high-level departures is Di-Ann Eisnor, who held the title “CWeO of Cities” and reported to Adam Neumann.  Under Eisnor, WeWork had hired a group of designers, researchers and engineers focused on urban problems such as housing affordability and constructing buildings...

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WarnerMedia CEO Unveils Major Reorg that Promotes New Head of Streaming

WarnerMedia on Friday announced a major reorganization that elevates streaming executive Andy Forssell to oversee the company’s global direct-to-consumer business, including HBO Max, reporting directly to new CEO Jason Kilar. 

The new structure, which resulted in the departure of two top entertainment executives, also streamlines programming of its networks, studio and HBO Max under ...

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Facebook Slams Apple’s App Store Policies Over Games
TikTok Threatens Legal Action Against Trump’s Executive Order
Tencent Stock Hit by Trump’s U.S. WeChat Ban
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Exclusive Venture Capital Startups
Startup HeadSpin to Return Funding After Probe of Financial Statements
HeadSpin, a mobile app testing company recently valued at $1.16 billion, plans to return up to $95 million in funding to investors after an internal review of financial irregularities forced it to restate its financials.
Exclusive Startups E-commerce
Casper’s Sleep Troubles
Hours after Casper Sleep executives rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to inaugurate the mattress maker’s initial public offering in early February, the mood at the company’s downtown New York offices was celebratory.
Google Facebook
Tech in 2023: What Will and Won’t Have Changed
The coronavirus will have a lasting impact on business. But from where we sit today, it is difficult to tell which of the changes sparked by the pandemic will be temporary and which permanent.
Startups to Watch Venture Capital Startups
Four Startups Helping You Network in a Virtual World
A new spate of startups is building video communication and virtual event software for the coronavirus era.
The Briefing Entertainment Asia
Disney Streamers Hit 100 Million: The Information’s Tech Briefing
Disney pulled off a successful misdirection today by getting investors to think less about Covid-19 and more about the invasion of the Huns.
The Briefing Startups Facebook
Microsoft Talks to TikTok: The Information’s Tech Briefing
News that Microsoft is in talks to buy TikTok raises all sorts of fascinating questions. Microsoft in recent years has been much more focused on selling to business customers than individuals; TikTok would take them in the opposite direction.