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Apple to Launch iPhones With More Cameras

Apple is betting more cameras might help kickstart demand again. Apple will be launching three new iPhones this fall, with the largest (an update to current iPhone XS Max) containing a triple-camera system in the rear, up from two, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company will also be sticking with its lower-cost iPhone XR despite it not selling as well as expected, the report says.

The updated iPhone XR will be using the same liquid-crystal display technology, because the product has been locked in for months and can’t now be easily altered. The other two phones will be using newer screen technology, organic light-emitting diode, similar to the current iPhone XS and XS Max. (The Journal reports that Apple plans to move over entirely to organic light-emitting diode screens by 2020.)

The updated iPhone XR will also be getting a camera upgrade, with a dual-camera system instead of just one. Putting more cameras on the back is the current rage in the smartphone market, with Huawei adopting a triple-camera system and Samsung a whopping four. It seems unlikely that that will be enough to keep consumers interested.


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