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Yahoo Scans User Emails to Sell Data to Advertisers

While tech companies like Google are shying away from scanning users’ emails to help advertisers better target consumers, Yahoo is leaning into the practice, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Oath, the Verizon digital media business made up of AOL and Yahoo, has been pitching to advertisers its ability to scan users’ commercial emails to help advertisers better target them. For example, users who receive trade confirmations from their online brokerages, could be targeted by financial services brands.

While the ability to use its data to enable advertisers to target its users has been a big selling point for Oath since it launched last year, it’s surprising that in today’s world, where there is increased concerns about privacy, the company would continue to scan emails to sell data to advertisers. This is the same Yahoo that suffered a huge data breach just a couple of years ago as Verizon was buying it. It will be interesting to see if advertisers embrace the practice.


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